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(For the serious and advanced metaphysical aspirant)

I am asserting that the idea of Free-will is an illusion created by the Alpha misidentifying as the Omega while unconscious of its true Self.

What is one free of exactly when we speak of free will? Free of what? Free of each other? Free of the world? Free of ourselves Spiritually? What exactly is this will free of? The determination of what? This is the first question we should ask ourselves in relation to Free-Will.

Once you come to a satisfactory conclusion that pleases you, let us more on to examining a few facts that have recently come to light:

It has been scientifically proven by a number of scientists that the Subconscious Mind knows what we (As conscious thought) are going to do 10 seconds before we are actually conscious of expressing the desire to do so? If this is the case, then we have to assert that it is not Mind Consciousness (Our thoughts) that actually direct us but Spiritual Consciousness that does through the Subconscious door that leads to the Conscious 'Witness', bearing in mind the Conscious Mind rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave does the sea.

Below is a site citing information concerning the Benjamin Libet experiment”.

Moving on, as we know, every cause has an effect. Because time and space are an illusion of mind, it would be fair to say that effect and cause, though seemingly separate to the Omega (Form) experiencing it, are actually one and happening Now. In other words, what can happen, what will happen, what has happened, is all happening Now. This means that Free-Will - being Cause - already has a determined effect, therefore, there is no free will in this determinism. Therefore, even Egoic Will has a predetermined Effect as experienced through Karma.

Swami Sarvapriyananda speaks of Cause and Will here in this 4-minute video if you are having trouble understanding what I am saying here.

So now let us move to the demonstration of said principles in a simile - using the ocean.

A wave is quite distinct to the ocean, right? If there was not this distinction, then we would not have different names for both a wave and an ocean. So, it would be fair to say that the wave (Individual) is a part of the ocean (Whole) - meaning it is not apart from the ocean, but that it is an individual part within the whole. The wave is the ocean. All these statements are true. The ocean has a current (Will) that moves this body of water we call the Ocean, which in turn creates waves. Now can the wave being a part of this Ocean have a will of its own? If the wave did have a will of its own, then what would become of the ocean? What would become of the ocean if every wave had a will of its own? Surely chaos would ensue, no? N one would ever be able to sail upon it. Nor any fish swim in it etc.

Below Swami Atmananda Udasin discusses the sea simile here in this 10-minute video

Similarly let us look at the human body. The body is composed of billions of cells all preprogrammed through their DNA to perform a certain function for the whole. What would happen if one cell decided to exert a will of its own? To individually live outside the will of the One - the whole? Well, we do not have to imagine that do we, as that happens every day. A cell that forgets its DNA/RNA through developing a will of its own separate to the will of the whole is called what? A cancer cell. Chaos then ensues - a lot of the time killing the host - the whole body that houses the cell.

Look at our own world in principle. Do we all work together as One for the good of not only the individual but the whole due to all of us being Conscious of ourselves Spiritually? It is only Spiritual Consciousness that proves beyond the appearance of form that we are indeed One living through many. If the many individuals, then are not united as the One through being unconscious of themselves Spiritually then what happens? Today happens. History happens. War happens. We live in cancerous society don't we - where chaos in demonstrated and manifested daily. This is Hell Consciousness - the Inverted Christ or Buddha Aka Egoic Consciousness. This is maya within the illusion.

Note* Illusion is reality that is temporary. Maya is a distortion of this temporary reality. So, Ego is Maya within the illusion of the Omega.

Now let us discuss what the scriptures are all based on - Free-Will in relation to the Christ or Buddha Mind in relations to the Inverted Christ - Buddha Mind Aka Ego.

It would be fair to say that the Christ or Buddha Mind is the only true reality - the only true creation. Cause and Effect are one - always in all ways.

All that can happen, will happen, has happened is happening within and as the Now. Time and Space though real to the Omega (Effect) that must go through the process of Cause morphing into Effect, has no reality within and as the Alpha. The Alpha (Cause a being formless lives outside of time and space and can never be subject to it.

Cause and effect of course cannot be separated except in and as an illusion. The Alpha and the Omega are always One. Never two. The seven-days of creation speak of an Alpha (Beginning) and an End (Omega). On the 7th day (Symbolizing divinity) God Aka our true Self rested - meaning 'job done'. Creation complete. Dream fulfilled or however you want to conceptualize or dress it. So, this is reality as dictated by the Alpha expressing itself in and as the Omega after having gone through the cyclic process of the Omega being tempered into the likeness of the Alpha.

Before we go further understand that the Unmanifest Alpha (Spirit) is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient - all that can happen, has happened in and as the Alpha. The Alpha is all knowing, all powerful and present everywhere. There is nowhere the Alpha is not. It is unmoving, silent, and still. It is Cause. Will. It is the Head to the body of our true Self so to speak.

The Omega (Mind/body) is also like its creator in that it is, eternal and infinite in its multifaceted expressions. The Omega is the Effect of Cause Aka Alpha. The Omega is the reflection of Alpha Consciousness. The Omega is form whereas the Alpha is formless. Two sides of one coin.

This means that the Omega goes through processes and cycles as evidenced in everyday life. The Omega Consciousness can of course be measured empirically. We do it every day. Within the Omega is the various causes and effects we measure and from which we base all science on and from. The Omega is Mind Consciousness and the I of Mind Consciousness constitutes our world. The Omega throughout eternity, as eternity is giving expression to the omniscience that is the Alpha. So, the only constant about the Omega, is it is always changing or morphing into a different state as dictated by the omniscient Alpha. This is experienced as space and time.

Now we come to the inverted Christ - the Ego, on which all scripture is based. The inverted Christ is the Alpha projecting its consciousness into the Omega. You could liken this to Michelangelo sitting down with a slab of marble - a formless block of rock.

'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free'. – Michelangelo

The Alpha saw an angel (Itself) in the Omega, so began to temper and purify this form through karma and other Hermetic laws until the Alpha saw its reflection in the Omega, thereby setting itself free within the form Aka Liberation or Self-realization. Until the Omega, is tempered through cyclic processes innate to itself, into the exact likeness the Alpha, liberation or Self-realization cannot be had.

For when the Alpha first projects itself into the Omega it becomes blind within the limitations of its chosen form. Life after lifetime, however, through fashioning this form into its likeness, it begins to remember and recognize itself. The form the Alpha is tempering acts like a mirror allowing the Alpha to recognize and realize its true formless state, thereby allowing the Alpha to wake up in the dream of the Omega as a lucid dreamer Aka a person that is Self-realized: As a person that now identifies as the Alpha living through the Omega. Before realization, the Alpha confused itself with being the Omega while unconscious of itself as the Alpha. Due to this misidentification the Alpha was confined to the dualistic limitations of the Omega - to life and death, sickness, and health etc.

Now that is all said and done, let us go back to the point I made about the Omega's true nature which is transfiguration or transmutation which sees the Omega constantly changing from one form to another for all eternity. Bearing in mind that matter can never be created nor destroyed. Just like its creator, the Alpha, the Omega is also eternal. The forms created within however, are not. I wanted to come back to this point as when one is living in ignorance as the Omega, while unconscious of itself as the Alpha, one would be forgiven for believing time and space exist, for they most certainly are as far as the Omega (Unconscious of itself as the Alpha) is concerned.

Birth and death and everything in between has a cycle. A process. So, if we are only conscious of ourselves as the Omega (And not the Alpha) we are going to believe we are not only subject to time, space, and form, but that we also have a will of our own. If we are not conscious of ourselves as the Alpha, we will mistake the will of the Alpha as our will. At least it will certainly feel as if we have a will of our own - a life of our own within life. Much like the wave, we spoke of earlier that forgets it is the sea while living in and as the sea. If we as the Omega unconscious of ourselves as the Alpha are cut off from the will of the Alpha, then the Omega, like a cancer cell will develop a will of its own that disrupts the whole. This will set's up karmic tendencies that have to balance. This is what Karma is. Karma maintains homeostasis for the whole within the Omega. So can you see now, how the Alpha, even within the Omega - even blind, has no will of its own. It just believes it does because it is ignorant of itself as the Alpha. The individual unconscious of itself as the whole, will naturally resist the will of the whole with a will of its own.

It is important to bear in mind here, that the projected Alpha within the Omega is just a reflection. A projection. What happens in the Omega stays in the Omega. The Omega can never affect the purity of the Alpha; however, the Alpha is always in all ways the Cause of the Omega. For instance, I could throw a rock at my reflection in the mirror and not harm myself one bit. Just as your dream life can never affect your waking life, so it is with the Alpha and the Omega.

So, to conclude we have two scenarios within and as the Omega: - the reality of pure Christ or Buddha Consciousness in which Michealangelo's statue is complete. Everyone individually realizes their oneness not only with each other but within themselves as the Alpha, thereby demonstrating this in the physical. This is heaven consciousness.

Then we have inverted Christ or Buddha Consciousness which is the incomplete cycle of the Christ or Buddha Consciousness, whereby the angel in the marble is incomplete, therefore, believes at this point in its evolution of coming home to itself, that it has a will of its own. In doing so, it resists the One Will of the whole - the Christ or Buddha Mind creating Karmic tendencies that cause the unrealized project of the Alpha within the Omega to live many lifetimes that balance, temper and purify the mind so that the Alpha can see its reflection and liberate itself from the Ego - the inverted Christ or Buddha. Once this is done, we revert back to scenario one whereby creation is complete. This is the meaning of the biblical verse: "And I will restore to you the years that the locust" - Joel 1:25

What happens after this? Why we dream again, rising and falling from, in and as Grace, as the snake eats its own tail. Why? Well, I think Khalil Gibran nailed the why of it all...

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

“Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself. But if to love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: to melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; and to bleed willingly and joyfully. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving; to rest at noon and meditate love's ecstasy; to return home at eventide with gratitude; and then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.”

~ Love Tracy

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