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The Conscious Mind (That which we think with) rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave does the Sea. The Subconscious, being a perfect reflection of the One true & eternal Soul is as deep as the sea itself.

'The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters". - Genesis 1- 1:2

The waters referred to are the Subconscious Aka human Soul within the Omega. The Omega in its true and natural form is the Zen or Christ Mind. The Spirit of God is the I am of the Causative realms - Aka the Absolute, God or whatever other name you want to attribute to that which is basically nonconceptual (I) and undifferentiated (Am). How does one describe what is invisible other than through its effects which the Omega is. The Omega is the divine image of the Alpha. I Spirit Am Soul that I Conscious Mind (Light of the Human Soul) Am Subconscious Mind (Human Soul)

Unlike the unmanifest Soul that is always in all ways perfect, its reflection seen in the manifest Subconscious, which is under the derestriction of both the I of Spirit and the I of Mind, has been defiled due to the fall in Consciousness of the Alpha into the Omega. When the Alpha initially merges with the Omega it puts on limitations causing it to forget itself as Spirit Aka Alpha. In forgetting itself as Spirit, it falsely identifies with the Omega (Mind/body). Due to the blind state of the Alpha being the Omega, Vasana's are formed. Vasana's are Karmic debts that are found in the Subconscious as a core belief that are erroneous, imbalanced and detrimental to the whole. What goes up must come down to balance and restore. Nothing aligns without balance. Hence lifetimes are spent balancing these karmic tendencies that live only in mind, due to having no true reality of their own. They have no reality of their own for they are born of mind and not of the Light Aka Spirit.

For example, there is only love and the absence of love. Hate is a non-power. To illustrate this point; one does not go into a dark room and remove the darkness for that would be impossible. One simply brings the light, and the darkness disappears into the nothingness it came from. Likewise, when doing a math sum. You can be up all night trying to work out a math sum that does not compute. Due to an error in your calculations, you keep coming up with the wrong answer. The next day, you speak to you a math expert that gives you the right formula (truth) to apply, allowing you to come up with the right answer. So, what happened to the error that prevented you from calculating correctly? The error that literally kept you up ALL night for hours upon hours. Where did it go? Why it went back into the nothingness from which it came, as it has no other existence except for the existence, you as light gave it. Whatever you give attention to you give life too. Remember that. It is important. If you give you attention to a lie, then you will give life to it.

Understand that without the I of Spirit guiding the I of mind, the mind will give life to a lie. This lie will be a limited conceptualization the Mind creates (And gives life to). The lie is this: it is Alpha identifying as the Omega ONLY. The light has not been separated from the darkness, so the Alpha still believes it is the form it inhabits. Until this form, which is not build with hands, is clear enough to see though, the Alpha will continue to believe it is the Omega alone, without realizing the 'Self'. The Alpha is the Omega it is true, just as the body is YOUR body, however you have a body, you are not the body. You have a mind; you are not the mind. Anything that you are conscious of objectively cannot be you anymore than what the eyeball sees cannot be the eyeball. How can it be? If it was the eyeball, the eyeball would not be able to 'see' it.

The Mind Aka Omega is often referred to as Maya due to its limitations and form. When the Unmanifest Alpha merges with the Manifested Omega, the Alpha is limited to the form it inhabits, therefore, loses its Spiritual vision. As the Alpha one is completely conscious of itself as being all forms within the Omega - the rabbit, the lion, the tree, the human. Put another way the Impersonal Alpha lives through the personal as whatever form it assumes. If there is a disconnect between the Unmanifest Alpha that is Unmanifest and the Alpha being the Omega - the Omega being the Manifest, then instead of seeing all of life as One - as Thy Self, you will only see from the form withing and as the Omega you are inhabiting. Your vision will be limited to the form itself. Until you have realized your true Self as the Alpha once again, you will continue to be limited in what you know and see. You will try and create life while identifying as this limitation that is the Omega, giving life to a lie. A lie created by a mind cut off from its Source.

The Law of Spirit ensures the Temple is built without hands. In other words, the Omega itself does not do the building for it is the built. It is the law of Spirit and Spirit itself that moves unobstructed through the Soul/Subconscious that does.

~ Tracy Pierce

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