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You could liken yourself as mind-body, to a pre-programmed computer that is disconnected to the internet. If presented with a problem, you could easily search within your database for the solution. If there isn't one, well then, as a pre- programmed computer there's not much you could do about that in light of the fact that you have no creative ability of your own. The best you can do is wait for an update install in the hope that it might provide an answer to your question, bringing you the awareness you need to make changes or find solutions.

Your existence is much like a pre-programmed computer. A pretty fancy hi-tech one, but a computer all the same. Your ability to perform in this world is determined by your software and pre-programming such as your genes, personality, and environment. As a disconnected computer you have the ability to search within your database (memories) for a solution or perhaps formulate a new solution based on past programming. Or possibly you can access information from other disconnected computers within your vicinity willing to share, however that is the extent of your creative abilities. You have no free will as a computer unless you have WI-FI. WI-FI not only provides you your own creative ability, it connects you to every other computer built, not just within your vicinity but the whole world.

The mind- body is your tree of knowledge and you may, if you like, take from it and eat its fruit. Fruit that will leave you hungry for more for it cannot provide you with your fullness of being, beyond your programming.

Alternatively, you could partake from the tree of life by establishing a connection to the internet. If you have decided to upgrade and install WI-FI, then one must be sure to establish a good connection. This is done by adopting a state of mind that is contusive to the flow of incoming information.

A good connection to the tree of life is always found in the Now. The minute your presence or conscious attention is outside the NOW by virtue of being in a caravan of thought, you lose your connection. Do not be so caught up in the tree of knowledge - of thoughts, judgements, memories, beliefs etc, that you miss the update (intuition) when it arrives 'in the moment'. If your minds consciousness is present in its own thoughts, then it will be absent and unavailable to download new information given in one's subconscious that is always in all ways NOW.

There is no connection outside the present moment irrespective of how much the conscious mind or your programming (thoughts) tell you there is. If you cannot find the absolute truth via your connection in this very moment, then you won't ever find it. No past moment will give it to you. Nor will any future moment. They won't give it to you because the past and the future are mental concepts (preprograming) about the present moment and not the present moment (connection) itself. Mental concepts, no matter how profound, are not real. This moment is real. Anything outside this moment is a mental concept - a thought - an image. An idea about the moment but not the moment itself.

In order to connect, your connection must have a compatible connection to WI-FI. Both connecting ends must be held in a state of 'being' that is always NOW and always heartfelt. One must be free from the running of all preprograming by being present in the NOW, otherwise a connection cannot be established. Your connection is reliant on where your consciousness or presence is. If it is caught up in thinking it will not establish a connection. One's mind must be in a state of still quiescence - in a meditative state.

If you are thinking in the moment, then you are not present in it. You are instead present in thought - not the reality of the NOW. Thinking and being are two completely different states of mind rendering two completely different realities. One is real and the other is illusionary. Both states of mind create different physical manifestations.

This means STAYING in the moment, keeping your presence at ease (rather than rising in thought) as it rests (deeply relaxes) within your subconscious awareness that is FELT. This means one has purified the heart aka Subconscious leaving one's emotional body at peace. Consciousness is thought, while Awareness is felt. Awareness is the expression of consciousness or put another way feeling is the activity of thought. Bear in mind however, the subconscious is mostly upheld by one's true Consciousness behind Awareness, more than it is by one's Consciousness as Mind.

The Being-Mind is the death of ego. It is the death of the ego as the ego IS only sustained by 'thinking'. Thinking gives us a personal identity through forming beliefs, concepts, memories, preferences all based on the concept that our identity is the mind and body only. This identify we have created via thinking does not include our eternal Consciousness as Mind Consciousness, being the vessel of Spiritual Consciousness is not conscious of it. It is in other words ignorant of its true Self, therefore, has identified as the instrument of its true Self.

Remember your I am-ness that is Mind Consciousness is not your true I am. Mind Consciousness is the vessel for Spiritual Consciousness - your true I AM, and this is what you want to connect with for Spiritual Consciousness eternal and infinite. It is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Your true name is I am that I am. However, at the moment you are the 2nd I am (Effect) while not being Conscious of being the first I Am which is Cause.

Mind Consciousness that is thinking cannot BE in the moment. Consciousness must embody a state of being, not thinking, in order to know the present moment which is our Temple subconsciously. This is where we receive intuition. If we are not in our Temple, then we do not receive intuitive guidance. We do not connect with our true Consciousness that is Spirit. The definition of being is not thinking. Please be clear about this. Your connection is reliant on this understanding.

"Those who walk uprightly (hold the mind still) enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. (Of the ego) Fear not, for I am (Spirit) with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God (True Self); I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (The right side of the mind is intuitive, and one is always led by it)

~ Isaiah 57:1-2, Isaiah 41:10

Therefore, keep your Temple, your mind consciously and subconsciously at peace with itself and whole. The conscious mind (thought) and the subconscious mind (feeling) must be working together harmoniously, with no discrepancy between them. Once the Consciousness mind is present in the Awareness of the Subconscious which IS the NOW, one can turn their attention towards the pain body aka the emotional body that will need healing after being subjected to the egoic mindset and its shenanigans. Once the Temple has been purified, one will begin to see clearly. Intuition will be heard and seen clearly as opposed to being mixed up with egoic thoughts whereby you cannot tell the difference between your egoic thoughts and the true messages of your Spirit.

Working together as one; the Conscious and Subconscious minds will serve you as a channel for your true Self as Spirit to flow through and into the world. Together, they are able to welcome and house the holy spirit, otherwise known as intuition. This is how one establishes a good connection (WI-FI) with the Spiritual realm. Working against each other, they will destroy you, like divided houses often do.

To summarize and conclude, keep your mind (Conscious mind/Inner I which is thought) and heart (Subconscious mind - Awareness, which is felt) working together, in this moment, for the 'NOW' is the only channel that will allow for an internet/true Self connection. Know and understand that thinking and being are two completely different states of mind that cannot coexist. Choose your master carefully.

~ Tracy Pierce

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