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Man is a composition of Spirit, Soul and Body. The outer - the mind & body as well as body of the world transforms continually, while the inner Spirit being Soul, never does.

You could liken Effect or the mind/body or the mental and physical realms to Steam, water, and ice. All are One in their related uptake of forms that render different degrees and experiences of consciousness and awareness. It appears in both realms, there are many moving parts that are separate to one another, they are in fact One body. The body is a denser version of the mind. The body of the world is the collective of all individuals. We as One Spirit One Soul and One mind create individual experiences of the whole by continually transforming.

The Spirit and Soul are the inner from which steam water and ice appear in their multitude of forms. The soul is the body of Spirit which is the same as saying awareness (Soul aka Love) is the activity of consciousness (Spirit aka Intelligence). The true Self which they are, is formless, therefore not subject to the mind at all. The mind however are subject to them as the mind and body are objects. The mind/body was born in their image and is their vessel in the mental/physical realms that are form or effect.

The conscious mind is a reflection of and a vessel for Spirit while the subconscious is a reflection and vessel of Soul. One could say that

The reason our world reflects the egoic Self as opposed to the true Self is because we have no conscious awareness of ourselves as Spirit, therefore cannot demonstrate the physical manifestation of this truth. We have cut ourselves off from Spirit, by allowing our minds to rise in thought which in turn veils and distorts the true Self's light flowing through the mind and out into the world. If it does not flow through the mind, then we cannot know it. Think of the mind as the sky. Every thought is a cloud that obstructs the light of the sun. Until the clouds have dissipated the Sun will not be felt or known.

Liberation from the mind and realization of Spirit happens on the other side of a still and mediative mind. In the stillness and silence of truth, whereupon no thoughts are clouding your true Self, you will realize that you exist on all dimensions of being going beyond the physical and mental. This changes your understanding of reality - completely.

Once you are conscious of yourself as Spirit, you bring forth the fruits of Spirit.

Realize, when you pass away from there you don't really go anywhere. Your form dissipates into the ONE form while your sense of I am-ness merges with the collective I am-ness of form. Any mental idea of self also merges back into the One. The subconscious mind (The reincarnating aspect) is left as being nothing but Awareness aka Love which maintains its illusionary differentiation of form throughout the ages until it is fully aware (no longer unconscious) and also merges back in with the One.

When a loved one dies, though you are not able to see or know them in the flesh, you can and do in Spirit. In other words, though you will be missing them as a mind and body, you will not be in Spirit for you are sentient on all planes of existence as Cause, even if you are not in the denser realms of effect after death. Likewise, they will not be missing you for you (the real you) are still with them and never left. You as the physical mind/body are just not conscious of this Spiritual aspect of your being yet for you have not learned to see with the inner I. You still seek your truth with the outer eyes of flesh.

Do not pity the dead for they have woken from this dream come nightmare and are at this very moment laughing and loving the real you with every ounce of their being. Pity the living for they still sleep in separation.

If we all realized our true Self before death, death would lose its sting, allowing one to truly live with fear.

~ Tracy Pierce

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