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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Thinking is always dualistic. One can only think by contrasting or measuring good against bad. That is the essence of thinking. The thinking mind does not know good without holding an image of bad in mind also. Therefore, without fail your greatest joy will eventually be your greatest sorrow. This is the fate of the ego aka thinking mind.

Bear in mind I am not talking about 'thought' but thinking. Thinking is always in all ways two or more thoughts. It is what the bible refers to as legions because these thoughts become demons that haunt and possess us. An example of this is addictions which all of us suffer in one form or another.

Thought is whole - the mind in its pristine state is whole, still, and clean. Rather than thinking in the moment, you are aware in and as the moment. That awareness is omniscient. It comes from a place that is all knowing and undivided multidimensionally, so whatever you need to know in the limitation of that moment in mind, you will be given it - you will know it without having to think about it. Your mind is not thinking but it is more aware than ever. When awareness comes, it comes into the virgin mind which is ONE thought. This is why it is said the true mind - the Christ (or Zen mind etc) was born of a virgin.

When the mind is whole and held as one thought in and as Awareness, there is nothing to overcome. All that needed to be overcome has been with the end of the thinking mind - with the end of dualism. It is only the thinking mind that resisted the true and natural flow of Spirit coming through the mind to bless the world. The thinking mind IS the veil.

~ Tracy Pierce

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