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Self-inquiry into 'who am I' as advocated by Sri Ramana Maharshi, is not meant to evoke an answer - on the contrary, it is meant to dissolve the questioner which is always personal. The personal sense of Self is always in all ways an illusion. The true Self is always Impersonal. Until this is understood and experienced as a reality, through the direct experience of being the Impersonal ONE, one will always be caught up in Maya - which is a delusion within the illusion that is the Omega. The experience of one's true Self can only be experienced as non-theoretical. In other words, outside the process of 'thinking'. This pathway is more fully explained here:

I am that i am is said to be Gods (True Self) name. Every human being on the planet, irrespective of their language refer to themselves as 'I am'.

I am the Alpha being the Omega. I am the Alpha (Spirit) that I am the Omega (Mind/body)

The Impersonal Alpha is every one of us collectively. It is the ONE undifferentiated and nonconceptual true Self, that expresses itself through & in the One Impersonal Buddha or Christ Mind as the Omega. Holding to this Impersonal Christ or Buddha mind as the individual is the Key to Realization.

Within and as the Omega, are billions of mind cells or life forms which we call the mind/body. Personifying the Mind/body through the Alpha identifying as it, veils one's spiritual vision, causing us to fall into ignorance which causes us suffering. You could liken this to a cancer cell within the brain that has forgotten its DNA/Rna, therefore lives for itself as the expense of the whole. It is the same principle.

The only way to remember ourselves as the Alpha is to stop thinking for taking and creating thought alone is what causes us to identify and personify the mind/body. Once the mind becomes inactive and still Subconsciously it will become like a mirror, allowing the Alpha to recognize and then realize itself as Spirit - as the Alpha living through the Omega.

That is not to say we will or should never think again for thinking does have its place AFTER realization of the Self. You want thought to be inspired by the Alpha, not conjured up by the Alpha believing it is the Omega. This can only happen after the Temple has been purged of Egoic emotional patterns (Karmic Vasana's) which allows the Conscious Mind to rest in its peace (RIP). Once the Ego falls away the true Self has no choice but to reveal itself as it flows through the Human Soul Aka Subconscious, inspiring Divine thought which is of a completely different quality and quantity to that of Egoic thoughts.

Another way to Self-Realize and which is my particular pathway is through another pathway advocated by Sri Ramana Maharshi: 'Surrender". Surrendering your whole being to the Present Moment. Hold your mind as ONE THOUGHT which is Awareness. This allows for no judgement/thinking at all. The Subconscious - Human Soul knows what to do in and of the Present Moment, all you have to do is be its witness. This is explained more fully here ->

~ Love Tracy

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