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Direct and Indirect knowledge is the difference between communing directly with and as the truth Self and communing indirectly through someone that has or has had direct knowledge of the Self such as a Guru, Metaphysical Teacher or a Priest or Monk etc.

We are here to cut out the middle man so to speak and commune directly with Spirit as Spirit.

Indirect knowledge is me telling you about the truth or you reading or hearing it somewhere. Indirect knowledge is always taken from the senses that inspires you to TAKE thought.

Direct knowledge is Claircognizance and GIVEN to you via the still, quiescent meditative mind receptive to Spiritual intuition.

A fuller explanation of these differences are as follows:

Indirect knowledge is gained through what is termed 'false images' Aka is Egoic thoughts inspired and taken from the 5 senses in the outer world, either/ or through listening, reading, watching, etc. We take impressions from the outer world via the senses and hold them in our mind. We then through virtue of giving them our attention, give them life, recreating history time and time again until through our suffering, we reflect upon our ways, and seek our Mana - our daily bread, our understanding of reality from within ourselves rather than outside ourselves. The Ego does not create life, it recreates it in the same way a very clever computer can recreate new scenarios with information previously downloaded but cannot create any new in and of itself.

Direct knowledge of the truth is experienced when the true Self works through the still meditative receptiveness of a mind that is focused in and AS the Soul (Present Moment) which is the true activity of Spirit. The true Christ or Buddha Mind is made conscious directly through the I (I am-ness of your Being) of its Being (Not thinking) mind which imbues it with righteousness through Faith. Faith is Claircognizance or 'Knowing' This is direct knowledge as it comes straight from Spirit beyond the senses - beyond all images. This is how life is created. Not recreated.

Whatever you hold in mind you will hold in your body and the body of the world eventually. Therefore, are you holding true or false images in mind? Are you creating life or recreating it?

~ Love Tracy

How to embody direct knowledge>>

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