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The egoic life is predetermined. Of course, it is, it is a dead work. It is effect. How can it be any other way? The egoic mind having free will would be akin to your reflection in the mirror having free will and doing whatever it liked irrespective of whether you were standing in front of the mirror or not.

The only free will the ego exercises is illusion, just like the illusion of your reflection. The mirror reflects you, but this reflection has no real life of its own. If it were to live a life of its own, it would only be illusion. Disease, war, famine etc are all illusion. None of these mental and physical manifestations were born of Spirit, even if they seem real to us, due to having a physical appearance.

If the mind and body aka effect have no conscious awareness of itself as Spirit, it cannot bring the images of Spirit forth into the mental or physical. Instead, the ego's idea of what is truth is played out on the world stage and of course the thoughts ego creates while ignorant of its true Self are false images as they were born in the absence of truth.

For example, disease is like a math sum that has come up in error. Apply the right formula and the right answer appears or health is reinstated. Where did the error or disease go? Back into the nothingness from which is arose due to being a non-power or put another way - the absence of truth.

The truth has already been established by yourself as Cause, long before your birth in the physical. It is up to the mind to reveal it. Of course, the mind cannot do this if it has no conscious awareness of itself as Truth and this is what every lifetime is about. Becoming more and more our true and established Self that is the Cause of all Effect.

Spirit has free will. Your true Self (CAUSE) has free will. Until you are Self Realized your life will be deterministic like a pre-programmed computer with no WI-FI.

Only the lucid dreamer is free

~ Tracy Pierce

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