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Presence is felt as your Conscious Mind. It is what you use to be present or to attend - give attention too. It is your I am-ness. Your sense of existence. It is thought. It is your presence being. It is not however your true and eternal presence. It is the vessel for your true and eternal Presence. Self-Realization fills this vessel with your true Presence after you have realized it. After you have become conscious of it. Until then, it is an empty vessel due to being in an egoic state of mind, which divides and defiles the Temple.

Irrespective of whether you have realized the true Self or not, you know you exist, without any outside validation at all. There is nothing, no empirical evidence at all, that can prove you exist, yet you know you do. After all this could be a dream, however even if it is, you know you exist within that dream.

You don't feel you exist. You don't believe or think you exist. You know you exist. Knowing is not feeling nor thought. It is a separate experience altogether and one we must become familiar with in your lifetime/s if we one is ever to have an intrapersonal relationship with ourselves in and of Spirit, for while feeling and thinking are faculties of the mind, knowing or claircognizance is a faculty of Soul beyond the Incarnate Mind-Soul.

I am. I exist. This is your conscious mind that IS consciousness, albeit, temporary. Mind-Consciousness was made in the image of one's true and eternal Consciousness and is known as either your thinking mind that is the ego (empty vessel), or the being mind that allows for it to be filled with the Holy Ghost, aka Intuition as one's true Self or true Consciousness.

Whatever you are conscious of, you give life too in the physical, as either the ego or Spirit flowing through the mind. In other words, whatever you give your attention to, you give life too merely by being conscious of it. If it exists within your consciousness, then it exists. Even if that existence is was born of a lie, from the ego. Their manifestations and demonstrations are, however, quite different. The former creates hell on earth while the latter creates heaven.

Paradoxically, you are aware you exist, yet you are not conscious of being Awareness. Awareness is another name for Soul. You are both Consciousness and Awareness, that is One, like you are a mind and body are One. Awareness (Soul - Am) is the activity or expression of Consciousness (Spirit - I). Consciousness has many states of being. There is sleep consciousness, there is awake consciousness, there is consciousness that has been altered by drugs. There is consciousness that is altered through meditation and medication. They is Consciousness that has been hypnotised. There is vessel Consciousness that is temporary and true Consciousness that is eternal. Obviously then, we can see that consciousness can either be restrictive or expansive depending on one's level of awareness. Awareness has two depths of being, like there are two depths of being to Consciousness. There is the Awareness level of the Incarnate Mind-Soul that is temporary (Temple) and the Awareness level of the One true Soul that is the eternal body of Consciousness. I Spirit Am Soul (Eternal) that I conscious mind am subconscious mind (Temporary or Temple). The more the two 'I am's' are merged the more one has evolved. I am Spirit must be aligned with I am Mind-Soul or in other words the mind must be a perfect reflection or image of its true Self as Spirit. I am that I am.

Only by the conscious mind aka thought, being present in the NOW, can it know the true Self as Soul for the Soul IS the Now. Rising in thought takes the Vessel for Spirit, out of the Temple, giving it a false idea of Self whereby it identities with its own Consciousness - its own thoughts, rather than its body of Awareness (subconscious) which is the door to the Spiritual realms, and which is embodied by the One Eternal Soul that in turn is embodied by the One true Spirit or Eternal Consciousness. By rising in thought, the conscious mind comes out of alignment with all other aspects of its Beingness multidimensionally. The Now (Mother) is the only way for the Father (Eternal Consciousness) and the Son (Temporary Consciousness) to come together as One.

The time to know God aka True Self, through thinking or theory has passed. The time to know God through Being Now has come.

Therefore, let us become conscious of our awareness. First and foremost, let us become conscious of our awareness subconsciously so that we can cleanse and prepare our Temple for the coming of the Lord aka True and Eternal Consciousness. Bear in mind the subconscious is not a thinker but a doer that is ever-present as Present Moment Awareness. Within the subconscious is the door to our Soul being Spirit. - our true and eternal I AM. The subconscious of every person on earth is the vessel for the fullness of the One Soul. While in its egoic state, it answers to the conscious mind, that causes it to rise in unnatural thoughts and desires. In its true state, it answers to one's true and Eternal Consciousness that works through the Eternal Awareness that is Soul. Everything is mind.

Every sage, guru and metaphysical teacher will advocate staying in the present moment while accepting it as it is. In other words, they are telling you, as the conscious mind (I) to stop thinking which allows you to stay in the awareness (am) of the subconscious, which brings Present (I) Moment (Am) Awareness - Conscious Awareness. The Now is the portal to the Spiritual Realms of one's Beingness. Thinking takes you out of the Present Moment and out of alignment with yourself multidimensionally, in turn rendering one unconscious. Thinking equates to unconsciousness while bring present equates to being awake (Awakening). In the present moment the conscious mind (I) is unable to become active by rising in thought, whereby it forms a false sense of reality that is separate to the reality of Now aka Soul (am). It must therefore keep very still as the Presence of Present Moment Awareness that is encompassed by its true and Eternal Consciousness. In this way the True and Eternal Self or Consciousness is realized. This is Self-Realization. The I of the conscious mind has sits within and merges with the am of the subconscious mind, and together they form a channel (I am) to receive the true and eternal I Am of Spirit being Soul. I am that I am.

I Spirit Am Soul and is (not plural) the Eternal and true Self that created the temporary Temple of the I - conscious mind being the Am - subconscious mind in order to experience ourselves physically. The effect (mind) is a mirror for the Cause (Spirit). The ego is a rebel without a cause.

~ Tracy Pierce

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