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There are two types of thoughts.

The conscious mind IS thought. It is the primary I-thought from which all other thoughts spring and come into existence.

When said thoughts have been created and are in existence, the float around the Ether which many term as the Matrix or the Universal mind. These thought creations are attracted to their kind, their specific type of frequency.

Therefore, not all thoughts you think are your own. Some thoughts you are thinking have been picked up from the Ether (Universal mind). Other thoughts are your own, that you have created from the I you claim as yourself but is really the vessel of your true Self aka Spirit.

This I of Spirit, sometimes referred to as the Inner or Third I is meant to be kept single, pure and still so that Spirit can imbue the mind with the word aka image or idea that is born of Awareness (Soul).

However, due to ignorance (unconsciousness) of the true Self, this I (conscious mind) that is the vessel of Spirit, has personified itself and created a life apart from Spirit rather than as a part of it. Therefore, every thought this Inner or Third I have, veils the true Self even more as it creates a personal egoic self. The ego actually blinds the I of spirit by taking & creating thought.

I once was blind but now I see - John 9:25

One has their spiritual sight restored when one ceases taking thought. This allows the veil of thinking to fall away, revealing the true mind and Self.

~ Tracy Pierce

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