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The thinking mind judges - compares and contrasts between two dual poles.

The Being Mind led by the omniscient Spirit that flows as the Love of the eternal Soul knows, therefore, has no need to judge.

Hold the mind as ONE thought. One thought is Awareness. The Awareness of the pure Subconscious (Am), coupled with the Conscious Mind (I) as witness attracts and merges with the Awareness of the eternal soul (Am) led by Spirit (I) due to like attracting like. I am that I am is aligned in this way. Alignment is Grace.

If the mind moves at all and divides itself into two or more thoughts, the state of Awareness is lost and veiled due to the Conscious Mind rising out of its Temple of Awareness. It is no longer present in its Temple (Subconscious) to witness the true Self flowing through it as intuition Aka Holy Spirit.

~ Love Tracy

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