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People often get confused between Consciousness and Awareness. Awareness is the activity of Consciousness, or you could say Soul is the body of Spirit. Spirit is Consciousness and awareness is Soul.

Awareness represents many states of being, as seen in and as the present moment as well as the subconscious which lives in and as the One Soul. This One Soul lives in and as Spirit or Consciousness. They all live in one another like Russian dolls.

The difference between the subconscious and the Soul is the subconscious is the only part of the Soul that the reincarnating Spirit has dominion over. Every lifetime the reincarnating Spirit has more and more dominion over the Soul through becoming more Conscious of itself as Spirit. As Soul is the activity of Spirit, the subconscious is the activity of the conscious mind.

I say reincarnating Spirit rather than Soul as there is only ONE soul which we are all a part of. Not apart from. We are all One Soul. There obviously is only one Consciousness also, One consciousness that we all are, however that consciousness has many focal points which we differentiate as the 'Incarnating Spirit' or the 'Son' among many other terminologies. The reincarnating Spirit or Focal point of Consciousness sits within the Soul as mind. Spirit is known to be male energy (yang) and Soul is known to be female energy (yin), which is why it is said we, as mind are called the Son as opposed to the daughter (Soul) that reincarnates within the evolution of mind.

This vessel - the Conscious Mind, which is aka thought, Incarnated Spirit or Inner I, is raised within the Soul via Awareness - the true Soul or the Mother Soul that is directed by the father or true Consciousness aka Spirit.

Once the mind has been balanced and harmonized through the two minds - conscious and subconscious mind, working together as one, they become a pure channel for Spirit. We must learn to use the conscious mind properly by fixing it within the awareness of the subconscious, which is always present as the presence of the moment (Soul) so that we may be a channel for Spirit - our true Self. This is opposed to allowing our consciousness to create thoughts and live in and as them. To reiterate, Spirit works through the One Soul that filters into the subconscious, which the Conscious mind has learned to be present in to receive intuitive guidance.

Until that time, the conscious mind will keep rising in thought, confusing its own consciousness with its Awareness of being. Due to this it is subject to the mental and physical realms due to identifying with said thoughts. One cannot have dominion over the fullness of Soul as mind and body. Only as through experientially identifying as Spirit will the mind recognize its master.

~ Tracy Pierce

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