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We make conscious or give life to whatever we give our attention to. Our attention is what you could term as our 'Presence of Being awareness'. Consciousness is Spirit, Awareness is Soul. Clearly our level of conscious awareness, dictates how we use our mind, our level of free will and the quality of life we live.

Bear in mind there are two I's. The consciousness (I) that you know yourself as at the moment is the vessel consciousness - not the true Consciousness. You will not know your true Consciousness as Spirit until you as the vessel for Spirit, align yourself with your Soul aka Awareness or Am. This is done first with the subconscious and then the present moment. The Soul is both.

So I am that I am translates too I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind (thought) am subconscious mind (emotion). In order for the vessel of mind to be filled with the Holy Spirit aka true Self it must first be in a state of being rather than thinking.

We can either use our mind for thinking 'I am' or we can use it for Being 'I AM'. Thinking empowers or makes conscious the mental realm of vessel consciousness. Alternatively, being (which is a single thought held as meditation) empowers or gives life to the totality of the physical, mental and spiritual realms of existence by being fully aligned as the present moment. Being opens the door you are and thinking closes it.

Being and thinking cannot co-exist, as one state will always cancel the other state out. In fact, either state is dependent on the absence of the other for definition.

When one is being, they are not thinking - they are actually being present (attentive = attending) IN the awareness of experience as it is happening multi dimensionally: Physically, Mentally & Spiritually. This is bringing Presence to and as the present moment. It is truly Being Awareness (aka Soul). One is fully conscious due to one's conscious mind as attention working together with one's subconscious mind which is awareness. Together as a whole the mind works as a channel for one's Spiritual being.

If one is thinking of the moment, they are not in the moment but outside of it creating mental concepts of the experience, they are not actually being the experience itself, therefore have a diminished awareness of the present moment & themselves on a multi-dimensional level. One is only PARTIALLY conscious. When one is truly aligned with Spirit one is not IN the moment one IS the moment.

Also, when I say partially conscious, I mean that in very loose terms as mental concepts aka false images (thought) taken from the mental realm with no spiritual life in them, are, to be quite frank - delusional. It is akin to a man standing at the bottom of the mountain attesting to the view at the top of said mountain; delusional - nothing but theory and assumptions that without experience that are quite meaningless.

Ones Presence while thinking is so caught up in the realm of mental concepts that the physical and spiritual dimension of Being is left largely unconscious due to our lack of awareness and attention. If our attention is caught up in thought, it is no longer present in our Temple - our Awareness which is always present in and as the moment.

If we are not attending our Temple, then we are not home and will not be conscious of the intuitive guidance flowing through the Temple. Therefore, instead of living by Spirit (Intuition, Faith, Knowing) we live by the mind aka thoughts which is where our attention aka Presence of Being is caught up in.

This is why it is so important to hold the mind in a state of 'being' expansively aware rather than a mind that is constantly 'attending to thinking'. Taking thought woefully diminishes our capacity for being conscious and aware in and of our existence multi dimensionally which includes the present moment - one's true reality. By focusing and restricting our attention (conscious mind) and Awareness (subconscious mind) to the mental realm we lose sight of the Spiritual dimensions of our being. This state of existence renders a life that is deterministic due to being restricted and subject to thought/personality only.

Before the conscious awareness of mind can merge with conscious awareness of Soul/Spirit, one's conscious and subconscious minds must be working harmoniously as One, just as Soul being Spirit is One. I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am subconscious mind. I am that I am.

The mind can only know Spirit by BEING it - and being is only known by what it is not, rather than what it is. Being is not thinking. Please be very clear about this as your Spiritual journey is reliant on this fundamental principle.

Being is the experience of being the present moment, rather than being in it. Thinking is either the projection of the present moment (Imagination), the remembering of it or the judgment of it, but it is never the moment itself. It is in it but apart from it rather than a part of it. It is always outside the present moment. Bear in mind as this too is important; Judgment IS thinking. Thinking and judging mean the same thing. It doesn't matter if your thoughts are good thoughts - they are still good 'judgments' and it is not for the mind which is limited and dualistic to be judging anything. This would be like a blind man judging a colour.

Thought can only exist before and after Being. It cannot exist as Being itself or as the experience itself. This is why it is important to stay present in the NOW. As one stays present in and as the present moment, one's consciousness deepens and expands until you know yourself as the formlessness behind the form.

To reiterate a very important understanding; when you are not thinking you are being. Being is your true nature, therefore when you stop thinking you start being by default. When you as form, are harmoniously working together as One consciously and subconsciously, you become aligned with, or relative to the true Self that is formless yet in and of everything. In this state of being you therefore become subject (Open to) to Spiritual guidance via the instinct (subconscious aka Soul) and intuition (Consciousness aka Spirit). Note the principle here is the law of attraction. The way to invite Soul into the mind is to BE like Soul for like attracts like. Eventually the Soul and mind merge as one.

To further elaborate once more, as I know metaphysical principles are generally hard to grasp; thinking draws one's attention away from Present Moment Awareness which is the door to spiritual dimensions of being leaving us only partially present/aware while mostly unconscious as we navigate Life/Now. We are basically asleep at the wheel and then wonder why we crash so often. We were daydreaming, lost in a world of mental concepts and idle imaginings instead of being guided as our true Self as Spirit.

It is time, as Jung said "to make conscious the unconscious" through keeping a quiescently still and intuitive mind (A single thought openly fixed in and as Present Moment Awareness) allowing Consciousness (You) to be present multi dimensionally in Awareness (soul), that is guided by the intelligent light of Spirit and the nurturing love of the Soul.

You have mentally crucified yourself and starved your Soul of love long enough now , it is time for your resurrection; Be still and know that I AM.

~ Tracy Pierce

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