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I don't think people pretend it does not hurt as much as they have forgotten - become unconscious - of what did hurt. Rather than divinely reasoning the pain they suffered since a small child until now, they have repressed this pain via distractions that make them feel good, such as love relationships, drugs, food, sex, alcohol, gambling etc. So, the pain still sits there in the subconscious, now unconscious to our minds Consciousness.

What we feel instead is a low hum of anxiety in the background that is so low and chronic we become used to it. Operating with constant hum, this nervous energy at the base, the very foundation of our being, causing us to become exhausted, forever seeking to Self-Medicate for reasons we have well and truly forgotten.

It is only when that hum explodes into a full-on crisis that we start to realize we must address this supressed pain. We must sit in it, feel it, express it and let it go. Remember emotion is MOTION. If it is not directed properly, it will cause the body to be ill at ease causing disease.

So, the shadow work begins where we start to uncover all the years of pain and heartache so that our mind - our heart is purified. It is only then when the constant of hum of anxiety is gone, that we notice it was there in the first place. Kind of like realizing how heavy all the extra weight was now after you have lost it through healthy eating.

The only way we can make conscious what we made unconscious is to give up that which distracts us. Try it - give up smoking for a day and notice your anxiety rise and rise to a level you cannot bear. If you a drinker, stop drinking for a day and see. If you are a gambler or an over eater, do the same thing with your drug of choice.

~ Tracy Pierce

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