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You, as Vessel Consciousness are experiencing the whole subconscious - the collective Subconscious of all beings on earth, as the present moment, and you are doing it from a personal sense (not an impersonal sense) because you only know yourself as Effect not Cause. You are not experiencing life from and as Cause, which is always impersonal because you are in an illusionary mind state that is personal aka thoughts. You have to be in the moment to know Thy Self as Cause. This instantly negates a personal sense of Self, which is why people find it so difficult to do.

In truth everyone is merely as expression of the One. You only know yourself from the personal perspective, not the impersonal, which means of course, the life you create is limited, dual and representative of the mental realm. Not the Spiritual realms. You are creating from Vessel Consciousness, which is the mental realms, not Spirit Consciousness from the Spiritual Realms. Now you know this theoretically, but not in reality. This has not been your actual experience. Self-Realization is THAT experience. Theory is illusion - it is mentalism. Realization of Self is knowing the self beyond the personal, beyond the effect, beyond mind and body. Knowing yourself as the Cause of all effect means you lose the fear of death and of living. You are no longer attached to forms because you no longer identify with them. Many of us are afraid to live because we are afraid to die as form. We are afraid, - Living in False Evidence Appearing Real, altogether.

You are experiencing life as the Conscious mind. Not only experiencing your subconscious but everyone's else's subconscious. Everyone's subconscious IS the present moment. For example, you may not be conscious of something personally so you may wonder how it is in your consciousness at all. This is because you do not know Thy Self impersonally as Cause. The impersonal Is One, and is omniscient and omnipresent, the personal of course is not. It is many. It is legion. This means that even if you are not conscious of something, others will be, therefore it will still exist in our shared reality being One. What appears to be outside your personal consciousness, is not outside your true Impersonal Consciousness however that expresses itself through being many beings you are not 'personally' conscious of, though you are Impersonally.

Long story short: the Present Moment is the complete projection of what is in everyone's subconscious minds. It can be no other way.

As soon as you become conscious of something, you will see it in the physical. The subconscious, if it becomes aware of it through your Consciousness or the Consciousness of Spirit being Soul, will respond emotionally to it, thereby emoting it into the physical. The subconscious will manifest whatever it becomes aware of, so be careful where you shine your light as the conscious mind, for that light is like holding a microscope under the sun. Hold it there long enough and it will create a spark. It will come to life.

As already stipulated, the Conscious Mind aka thought rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave. Understand people often call the Subconscious the heart, due to being experienced through the sensations of feeling. The subconscious is also felt and experienced within the chest area. Understand also that the body IS mind operating at a denser frequency. The mind or one's Consciousness does not reside in one's head but all over the body, with the subconscious being more around the area of the heart chakra.

There is a better way of healing the Temple than projecting our minds into the physical, through the rising of thought seen in the negative feedback loop that ensues, and which we talked about earlier. This better way is through meditation. Rather than rising in thought and being led by the mental realm, we stay in the moment, surrendering the thinking mind for the being mind, which is then filled with the Holy Ghost (Intuition) and directed by our true Self as Spirit working through the Soul, of which the subconscious is a part of, not apart from.

This will not be easy for the Subconscious is not at rest due to the Temple being defiled, causing what Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body which is the emotional body in an egoic state. The Conscious Mind will naturally want to rise out of this unrest, looking for a solution, which it often finds in addictive behaviours that distract & repress these desires and emotions, leading to further distress rather than healing.

The light from the Conscious Mind being the vessel of one's true Consciousness is considerable and quite breath-taking. One can see for themselves how considerable the intelligence of man and mentalism is by looking out at the world which is still in a universal egoic mindset today. There is a lot of evil it is true but there also is a lot of spectacular discoveries and experiences. The Universal Mind aka Matrix is still in an egoic mindset, due the majority of our population being in the grip of Ego. Unfortunately, due to our light or intelligence originating from the mental realm while devoid of the Holy Ghost (which is meant to fill it), we are manifesting the Ego into the physical world rather than the true images of Spirit. The Ego, or Vessel- Mind devoid of its true Light, aka is limited, insatiable and dualistic in that what it gives, it also takes. For instance, one's greatest joy is also one's greatest sorrow. One is given life and then it is taken. This is true of everything from money, to love, to health and wellbeing. This is living by the tree of knowledge that is both good and evil. Light and dark, always changing, never still. Our peace is not found in physical or mental realms. It is found in the Spiritual.

In comparison, the light of one's True and Eternal Consciousness as Spirit completely trumps the light of mentalism that the conscious mind aka thought uses to navigate its existence physically. If you think the world and its technology and art is spectacular now, then you have not seen anything yet. The light from Spirit illuminates and heals everything in its path. All it needs is a consciousness to work through. The mind is that consciousness - that vessel, but not until the conscious mind rests within the subconscious which has been prepared for the coming of the Lord aka True Self as Spirit.

Preparing the Temple, entails the conscious mind sitting within it unless what is repressed, rises and we are able to heal and let go of it. The conscious and subconscious minds must be able to rest in each other, working together in meditation so that they become a channel for the true Self as Spirit.

The mind being the vessel of consciousness, when in its pure Temple, holds within itself the Holy Ghost aka intuition (true light) that illuminates and guides the personal Temples in the physical world. This is how we want to be led. By our true Self as opposed to the conscious mind cut off from its Source in its egoic state. In this way we are still IN the dream but know we are not of it. We are in effect lucid dreamers - awake in the dream, knowing we are dreaming. Rather than being identified with Effect, we know ourselves as Cause dressed in Effect. The outer form for the first time reflects the Spirit rather than the mind cut off from its Source.

Therefore, it is plain to see that the conscious mind needs must stay in its Temple, firstly to heal the emotional/Pain body through what is termed shadow work and then through meditation that brings both minds to rest. The Temple must know peace before it can BE peace. When the Temple is at peace, it merges with the peace of Soul being Spirit. In this manner the Conscious mind aka thought (Inner I) is filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition.

It is the subconscious that holds the conscious mind steady in the NOW. I you are at peace in your heart, your mind will follow. Therefore, bring your heart to rest by paying attention to what is in it and what it is calling out for. Rest the conscious mind in the pain of the subconscious until it is no longer in pain and been heard and healed. The Temple will then be fit for the habitation of Spirit to dwell within it.

How long does one stay in a place if there's no love, no heart, no feeling? Exactly right, not long, so do not leave the subconscious mind out of one's meditation practice. Your subconscious mind must be at peace before you can truly meditate and surrender your being to Thy Being.

One's attention (attending presence) aka conscious mind or 'thought' has to sit in the present moment Awareness of the subconscious. Remember as I have stated many times, the subconscious is part of the present moment. Not apart from it.

There must be no discrepancy between the conscious and subconscious minds. Only total harmony. This cannot be achieved if the mind is still rising in thought for each though holds the potential to be at war with another thought that rises, dividing the house, while causing the emotional body to respond in emotional unrest, which in turn chemically bombardes the body with stress hormones. No one wants to visit a house that is at war itself. Certainly not ones true Soul being Spirit.

The difference between attention and awareness is this: You are aware you are a female living in New Zealand in the year 2022, while your attention is focused on the room you are in on a particular subject. Awareness is expansive and attention restrictive or focused. The conscious mind, which is our attention acts more like a camera taking snapshots of life, calling them today tomorrow and yesterday while the subconscious mind, which is our awareness, acts more like a continuous video that lives ever in the Now.

Note that in holding one thought and feeling we starve all other thoughts and feelings. Once one thought is held it expands into the Spiritual realm rather than rising into the mental realm. You know this is true from your own experience now. If you are listening intently to one person, all other sounds fade out and stop bothering you. You must have intensity of focus. One's conscious mind must be one-pointed within the peace of the subconscious.

When you meditate let your sense of presence originate or sit in the chest area, radiating outwards. In other words, feel the moment. Feel intuition coming to you, instructing you. Feel it move from the chest area to the conscious mind which you know as thought. Let this feeling translate itself into thought. You could liken this sense of presence or existence to when you hear an intruder in the middle of the night, and you get up in the dark "Listening with your whole body". Not just your head or ears but your whole body - feeling a vibration. Not just your five basic senses. Rather it's an all over sensory - 'feeling the room' type of experience. Do that. That is how you meditate. Do not be all up in your head. You will hypnotize yourself for nothing or grow to despise the practice.

Remember you cannot make yourself relax, you LET or ALLOW yourself to relax - the same principle holds true for meditation. Liken it to sleep. The more you try to make yourself sleep the more sleep eludes you. No, you must allow yourself to relax first and if sleep comes it comes, if it doesn't then you are at least relaxed which is almost as good as sleep. The same applies to floating. The more we try to float the more we sink. When we give ourselves up to the ocean, we float.

So, resist not the moment. Accept it fully as it is. Give your thinking mind up to the heart and be directed by your true Self as Spirit being Soul. I am that I am. I Spirit Am Soul being I Conscious mind Am subconscious mind.

~ Tracy Pierce

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