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The objective mind aka the Conscious Mind which we use to think with, is a projection and witness of the subconscious mind. Is it also the vessel of Spirit, therefore it is also Consciousness, however this Consciousness is temporary and subordinate to our true Consciousness as Spirit. Bear in mind, until one has achieved realization of the true Self, this vessel we call the Conscious Mind, remains largely empty of its true Self as Spirit. It is basically a rebel without a Cause. It is 'Effect' that does not know itself as 'Cause'. It is living a half-life in ignorance of its unlimited and infinite potential - its eternalness.

The Conscious and Subconscious minds are meant to stay together, working as one while led by our true Self Spiritually. This Temple we call our personal 'self', is meant to be a place where our true Self as Spirit dwells, guiding us throughout life. We are meant to be identified with Spirit, with Cause, not with form, not the mind/body.

However, when the Subconscious Mind is impure through being under the influence of an egoic mindset (Separation of mind), it will cause the Conscious Mind to rise out of it (subconscious Temple aka Present Moment Awareness) and into thought, which in turn causes the Subconscious to rise in unnatural emotions and desires, further defiling the Temple. As you can see, this sets up an egoic negative feedback loop, referred to in part 1. This negative feedback loop is a loop that we become stuck in, lasting for karma is accumulated and worked through.

This negative egoic feedback loop between the two minds, is a double-edged sword that gives us the opportunity to make conscious what is unconscious within the subconscious, for what the mind thinks, and feels is demonstrated and manifested in the physical for us to see and experience first-hand. Thus, allowing us to view our egoic thought patterns in our life physically. For example, we may hold a belief we are not worthy of being loved. This belief will be played out by many people in many circumstances in our lives, until we realize the falseness of this belief and change it. It is a double-edged sword as we have to physically suffer the consequences of these erroneous thought patterns until we learn. This is how and why the Conscious Mind rolls out like a wave in the first place. If the Subconscious Mind were at peace with itself, the conscious mind could rest easily within it, taking commands from one's true Self Spiritually. However, it is not, it rises out of its Temple looking for the peace that can only be found in it.

Preparation of the Temple for the purpose of Self-Realization the egoic way, means we view the world from outside ourselves by objectifying what is within us subconsciously, meaning we physically experience, not only our minds but everyone else's. This is because everyone's subconscious constitutes the Present Moment. This is only one mind. One Soul. One Spirit. One Life and I AM that. I don't know one person whose name is not I am. All is God aka true Self.

In this way, what was once unconscious, becomes conscious and amendable to mental discernment. Unfortunately, mental discernment, without the wisdom of Spirit guiding it, is a slow and painful way to evolve in the realization of oneself Spiritually. I think everyone of us is testimony to this assertion! Life is hard! We learn by suffering the sword aka the mind to surrender ourselves as mind/body - effect to the Cause of the true Self directing the Present Moment where our subconscious is anchored.

Clearly, the Conscious Mind aka thought, at this point in its evolution is still largely an empty vessel. One lives by Vessel Consciousness, rather than one's true and eternal Consciousness. At this point in history, the vessel as Mind-Consciousness has not been filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. At this point your 'I am-ness' (Sense of being alive) life is experienced as Vessel Consciousness as Effect, rather than your true Consciousness as Cause leading Effect. You do not know your true and eternal Consciousness yet, however you as Mind-Consciousness, will after Self-Realization, which is a fait accompli - unavoidable for it has already happened. In fact, you never were 'not' your true Self. That would be impossible. You were just under the illusion you were not. Albeit an illusion of epic proportions but an illusion, nonetheless.

Therefore, plainly, Self-Realization is not about becoming anything but in letting the illusion fall away.

The Conscious Mind aka YOU, cannot experience your true and eternal Consciousness if you do not stay within your Temple of Present Moment Awareness which is basically your subconscious. The Conscious Mind is rarely in its Temple. It is in a self-made tent somewhere in La La land suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune thinking its idea of reality is actually reality. It is in the illusion of its thoughts. It is lost in the dream and forgotten it is. Dreaming that is. You could say that the objective mind aka Conscious Mind (thought) is really nothing more than a light we hold up to illuminate what is disturbing the peace of our true mind aka Temple Subconsciously.

Actually, the Temple is as much the conscious mind, as it is the subconscious mind, however the conscious mind will not stay home. It keep's rising out of the Temple into thought aka illusion, thereby creating illusion in the physical, rather than allowing the reality of Spirit to create life physically. The egoic mind - Mind Consciousness, being ignorant of its true Consciousness (Self) does nothing but delay, distort, destroy, and disable the true flow of Spirit coming into the world to bless us all physically. This is why we resist not the Present Moment. We accept the moment exactly as it is, which allows us to stay in our Temple, thereby allowing Spirit to live our lives for us, as us.

Life can only be made conscious through the Conscious Mind aka thought. Otherwise, life stays unconscious. Everything - subconscious included. The reason the Present Moment, which is the Collective Subconscious, exists outside of you personally being conscious of it, is because you exist both as form and as that which is formless, or put another way, as both Cause and Effect. You exist in a hive mind and only know yourself as a particular personal form, or effect. You have forgotten yourself as Cause that is impersonal and the creator of ALL effect - all personal effects. If effect knew itself as Cause, it would not be blind. We would all consciously be of one mind moving with Grace.

Therefore, in only knowing yourself as personal, "Effect" (Form), your Consciousness as this form, can be anything from awake, asleep, drugged, drunk, insane, dreaming, in a coma, while all operating at different levels of Awareness (Personal evolution within the Impersonal evolution of the dream). This state of Consciousness, that you identify with at the moment, is limited and temporary. You could be born into a Consciousness Vessel that is mentally impaired for whatever reason. Every experience we have is for the purpose of becoming more conscious, so that we can take the full measure of our 'Self' spiritually: our true Consciousness that is Intelligent Love.

The Son or Mind Consciousness that is temporary and ever changing, not the Father Consciousness, which is omnisciently eternal, undifferentiated & still. If one only knows themselves as effect, everything will appear segregated and separated - differentiated and temporary. Knowing one's Self as Cause, everything appears whole and as One, eternal and infinite irrespective of differing expressions within that Oneness. Our consciousness is restricted when we assume form and expands as form is negated or made redundant. Self-Realization is the drop in the ocean realizing it is the ocean in one drop, not a drop in the ocean.

Consciousness that is temporal aka a temple made of form, which the mind is, is easily changed depending on its medium. Its medium depends on the light of the whole, meaning Cause, that is able to penetrate effect, shaping it to its intended form. Cause Consciousness aka Spirit Consciousness is formless therefore cannot be subject to any object (effect). Spiritual Consciousness cannot be known or controlled by Mind Consciousness, as the mind cannot comprehend it or know it with its 5 rudimentary senses. Effect must become as One with Cause. Effect cannot know Cause on a personal level. It must become impersonal like Cause, even while in effect. This is being IN the world but not OF it.

Mind Consciousness, which is finite, cannot contain that which is infinite or omniscient, therefore cannot know itself as Cause or Spiritual Consciousness with the thinking mind, which is always personal. It can only know itself Spiritually or as Cause, with the being mind, which completely impersonalizes Mind Consciousness. Meaning personal consciousness can only surrender itself as the thinking mind and BE Impersonal Consciousness or Cause being Effect. It can never know Impersonal Consciousness with personal consciousness (which is an illusion). In other words, the illusion has to die before reality can be born and known. It is the same with insanity. One does not realize their sanity through the insane mind. The mind must stop being insane and become sane. The insane consciousness can never know the sane consciousness.

Reality and illusion can never meet, just like the Sun and Moon can never meet, even though they share the same sky. I realize that is a bit of a mind bender but take your time with it for when the penny drops, it will dispel a lot of illusion and help you on your way towards realizing the true Self. The personal will can only be acted out in the physical world (collective dream) from the personal mind only. The personal mind (Effect) can never command the Impersonal Cause, or Cause Consciousness (which is all minds). Man cannot command God (true Self) only God can command man. To reiterate, the personal thinking mind due to being utterly incapable of knowing itself as the Impersonal without first changing/dying, can never therefore control God or Spirit or true Self depending on your preference of semantics. A personal thinking Consciousness is not capable of 'being' in the moment for thinking and being rely on the absence of each other for definition.

To further elaborate, the Vessel or Mind-Consciousness can only know itself as Cause when it is held in a state of being, not thinking. Mind-Consciousness must become like Spiritual Consciousness aka Cause in order for the two to Merge. Merging together as One, allows the Conscious mind that is an empty vessel to be filled with its true Consciousness in the form of the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. There are never two Consciousness's - there is only One and this needs to be realized.

Effect like its maker was not born and it cannot die, however unlike Cause that is ever-still, Effect is constantly moving, assuming different forms over and over again eternally. Effect or form, like its maker - Cause - cannot be destroyed, nor created, however the forms it assumes are always temporary, unlike one's true and eternal Consciousness that is Impersonal, infinite, eternal, omniscient, and always awake. This is Cause and this is your real Self. When you know yourself as Cause, beyond the effect which you assume temporarily (Temple), you will not take yourself or life so seriously. You will not be so attached to forms when you know yourself as the Formless One aka Cause or spirit.

Life is play, a dream, that is less painful when you wake up in it. If everyone is living at a personal level of consciousness only, life will be pretty bleak. If, however, one lives from an impersonal level, life is a festival of lights. Self-Realization means you know you are Cause being Effect. Ego means you only know you are being affected by effect, which you mistake for Cause. In truth you do not know yourself as Cause at all.

~ Tracy Pierce

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