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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always let the truth form in me. Unlike thinking, I do not go searching for it, rising outside my Temple in copious thoughts was something I rarely did myself unless I was made - and I was made a lot in this world, However the quiet still place within me, was never forgotten. It remains to this day a place I go to for Truth and guidance. In truth, this space within me is more real that all that is outside me. It has always been that way for me.

As I said earlier, I was born in this quiet unsullied space within me. I remember coming forth from it, but I cannot go to it because I am wearing a costume that will not let me rise within it BUT - it can and does flow over me. Whenever I need answers or direction I stand and wait - i wait for the truth to form in my mind and as the witness I watch it - becoming aware of it. In watching it, I cognize it and bring it down to the level I am at so I can relay it to life in this dimension.

I never go looking for the truth with my thoughts because I know I will only find smoke and mirrors - I find copious ideas of the truth - but never the truth itself. This sort of knowledge always left me hungry for more. It is never satisfying and never comes with the surety or clarity of mind that Faith Aka Knowing or Intuition does when I am waiting with and as the stillness of mind.

I did not realize until recently, that I do this all the time, which is why a rarely have a voice narrating in my head. Mostly its crickets. Unless I am addressing Vasana's within my Subconscious which still have the power to mess with me. Purifying the Temple is happening, albeit though - slowly.

I hold my mind still and the truth forms in it is EXACTLY how it happens. It's like my mind is a mirror and these images form on it ...which in turn - in form me. That is the best way I can put it from my own experience.

This is how I write; I literally do what Psalms 46:10 says and I 'be still and know that I am'...

Of course, experiences may differ and do in many varied and wonderful ways. I am just sharing my way with you. I am claircognizant predominately, others are clairvoyant. Please feel free to write in the comment section how you commune with Thy True Self

~ Love Tracy

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