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Clarity comes from knowing, not knowledge. It is important to understand the differences between the two.

Knowledge is born of Mind Consciousness cut off from its true Consciousness - one's true identity as Soul (Am) being Spirit (I), therefore lacks spiritual vision that is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Knowing aka Faith originates from Spirit, that connects and flows through the mind and bodies of all beings great and small.

Have you ever known something without knowing how you know? Even been in the zone where no thinking is required - everything just happens effortlessly? This is knowing. It is the same knowing you experience when you consider your own existence. There is nothing in the world that can prove you exist, but you know you do irrespective of what anyone says does or thinks. It is this type of knowing that will direct and guide your ways when you surrender the thinking mind for the being aka meditative mind. Whatever your Spirit sends you will arrive in clarity, not confusion. There will be no doubt attached to it. It will either come directly as intuition from Spirit or as a serendipitous sign as Soul that dresses as all being within the present moment.

Knowledge is limited to the person. their experiences & their personal ability to access and discern the universal mind, in which all thought from all people accumulate but which is also limited knowledge for it is past knowledge that has already been thought of before. It wouldn't be in the Universal mind otherwise.

The mind can only assimilate and analyse knowledge that already exists within the individual or collective world; it cannot think something it does not know. It cannot create in and of itself for it has no true life of its own. Just as the computer can do all it is programmed to do, that is all it can do. With a WI-FI connection, it cannot create anything new. This is why artists and inventors are so revered - they create from the inside out, not from existing knowledge.

There are two states of mind that birth these differing states of knowing and knowledge.

The first state is the "Being mind" which is meditative mind and a pure channel for one's true intelligence as Spirit. This mind is called pure as there are no thoughts in it to distort the pure light shining through the mind and into the world. Just as the projector's (Spirit) light shines through the lens (mind) onto the screen (body), if there is any dust on the lens (thoughts) then the picture (body) will be distorted. The physical image produced is pure - a true image if the mind is still and empty to embody the Knowing of Spirit. This 'Knowing' is not limited to the person or the collective history of mind kind. Nor is this knowing one's own as Mind Consciousness, but rather taken from the One true Consciousness aka Spirit that is the same One Consciousness of all. This knowing is intuited and inspired. It is how artists paint, and how I write. Each one of us has a gift that puts us in the zone of just knowing what to, do, say and be, without any reasoning whatsoever when inspired. Some are born with these talents, and some acquire it as they evolve through life. When thought is required, it is always inspired, and analysed as a consequence of intuition. This analyzation of thought only uses about 10% of the minds total output. When death comes it does not come for them, for their sense of existence is not equated with the mind or body but as Spirit that lives and breathes eternally for and as all. Death is nothing more than a change of clothing for the realized therefore there is no particular attachment to any form.

The second state of mind is the 'thinking mind'. The egoic mind forms and rises in thought of its own consciousness that lives outside its own Awareness as the subconscious, present moment and Soul therefore not present in its own temple to receive any input or inspiration from one's inner truth of being Spirit. Believing it 'Self' to be the true Self, and living without any spiritual vision, it must rely on creating thought that measures and judges within its own limitation. It does not feel a part of the world but apart from it therefore lives with almost no regard for it apart from its own family or sense of 'personal self'. It rises in thought with no guidance or regard for anyone or thing around itself that is not included in its personal sense of me or mine. Moreover, due to believing itself to be form; a mind and body, one lives in fear all their life of death, either for themselves or their loved ones. The egoic mind only really lives fearfully for itself or those close to it.

Clarity or clairvoyance comes with the meditative mind, with the Being mind that is a perfect vessel for the Spirit of Truth to flow through blessing the still and surrendered mind with the gifts of Spirit which are peace, love and purpose of being that is more interested in giving than taking due to knowing itself to be the Alpha and the Omega, infinite, and eternal. It wants for nothing.

The egoic mind is much like Shakespeare described it - "it is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" The ego spends its life selfishly and myopically, fearing its life end, as 'sans eyes, sans teeth, sans everything, which basically means being without form and close to death.

~ Tracy Pierce

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