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Spirit aka Consciousness aka the true 'I' is nonconceptual for the most part and only known by a few first principles. Considered male and our true Intelligence.

Soul aka Awareness aka AM is formless and undifferentiated. Considered female and our true heart - love. The Soul is the formless activity of the formless Consciousness.

Together Spirit being Soul is our true eternal and infinite being or true Self - the real I AM.

The mind was born in the image of the true I AM. I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am Subconscious mind.

The Conscious mind aka Inner I aka Third I aka thought aka the small 'I' aka vessel of Consciousness or vessel of Spirit. The conscious mind can either stay in the moment or Temple (subconscious that connects us to our true Soul) being guided by its true Self as Spirit - I AM or it can rise into thought of its own and be led by the mind rather than its Spirit.

Subconscious mind aka the small Am aka Temple aka vessel for Soul aka vessel for Awareness that contains the emotional/pain body. The subconscious is always in the moment but divorced from the reality of the One Soul while under the guidance of the egoic mind. However, the subconscious which sits in between our conscious mind and the Soul and serves both the Soul guided by Spirit and the egoic mind blindly guiding itself. The higher end of the subconscious serves Soul while the lower end serves the ego. As our awareness grows through experience (Karma & the laws of Soul), our consciousness gets raised higher and higher until we must drop the thinking mind for the being mind, which requires the conscious and subconscious minds to merge in Present Moment Awareness. Otherwise, we as mind cannot enter the spiritual kingdom or put another way, we as mind cannot be raised up within Soul to married and led by our true Intelligence/Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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