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The only way to change the world is to change the individual mind. If we are going to change the world, we must change the way we use the mind, for this is how the world comes into being, through and as the mind.

This entails holding the mind in a state of Conscious (I) Awareness (Am) aka apperception (Seeing Consciously within and as the Subconscious) which means keeping a single thought Aka meditation that is simply aware n and as the moment without judging. This is opposed losing Mind-Consciousness (Attention) to the perception of outward objects and their subsequent creations that collectively make up the body of the world. We must give our consciousness - our conscious mind as thought to Awareness (Soul). Not to thoughts taken from the mental realm in response to the outside world.

Consciousness must rise in Awareness, not itself as Consciousness. Or you could say mind must rise in the body of awareness, rather than mind rising in mind which equates to nothing but daydreaming, illusion or maya. One's Mind-Consciousness can only align with Spiritual-Consciousness through the Awareness of both Souls; the Human Soul (Subconscious) and the true and eternal Soul which is the activity of Spiritual Consciousness. Until Mind-Consciousness (I am) and Spiritual-Consciousness (I AM) merge as one, (I am that I AM) your thoughts will work against life, against the true Self, rather than for it as the witness, as the Conscious Mind Aka Inner I was created to do.

The Subconscious Aka Human Soul and the one true eternal Soul, that is the formless activity of Spirit constitute the Present Moment. When Mind-Consciousness merges with its own Subconscious Awareness as One Mind, Now is experienced. However, if Mind-Consciousness creates and takes thought, it rises outside of its own Soul, into Maya Aka illusion. By thinking the Conscious Mind, lives outside the Present Moment, in the past, the future or judgements concerning the Present Moment.

If one thought is held in mind, it is called awareness. If plural thoughts divide the mind, it is called thinking. The Mind must stay as One Thought of Awareness. The Mind must stay as Present Moment Awareness if the true Self is to be realized.

~ Love Tracy

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