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The law of Oneness

The Absolute as you call it lol (Few months ago it was 'The Law') created the Mind in such a way that it could either surrender itself to the Absolute aka TRUE CAUSE - that caused its very existence, to flow through it and create the Effect we call the mental and physical realms................ or it could use itself as Cause (mental Cause - not Spiritual Cause) to create in and as Effect.

So, there you see it has two choices: it can either choose to create from Thy True Self as Cause by being still and surrendering its will to Thy Will whereby thought is given..........................................or it could start thinking - taking thought from itself and creating life in the physical itself. Of course, when it creates from itself it is creating from the mental realm as opposed to the Spiritual realm of true Cause.

Now of course, this so called 'choice' or 'free will' is not really a choice or free will as when we do create from ourselves a Mind, we create a life apart from the Will of our true Self as Cause, rather than as a part of the ONE life.

Cause or the Absolute already created all that could be created, and it was termed 'good'. If we stopped thinking and surrendered our Being to our true Cause, this 'good' would naturally be revealed in and as Effect. But our thinking filters this Light and warps it into unnatural manifestations that are limited - dual and born in separation.

Believing we have a life of our own, we go against our true Life as Cause or Spirit or whatever you want to call it. So, we suffer for it. As you can see - this is not really a choice, is it? Either we surrender our will as mind to ourselves as Spirit or suffer for it through karmic experience.

Karma is the Law of Soul being Spirit. When we are not working as One, we clash, and this goes against the Law of Oneness - hence Karma. Karma can only operate when there is a sense of two.

~ Tracy Pierce

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