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Look at the true Self Aka the Alpha (Cause) as being Michelangelo and the Omega Aka Mind (Effect) as Being a slab of marble.

Throughout the evolution of the Omega in time and space which is the nature of the Omega (Always working through processes and cycles), the Alpha, using the Hermetic laws, as its tools like Michelangelo would use a blade, shapes and tempers the Mind into its own likeness.

The Alpha in and of itself is perfect - omnipresent, omniscient, & omnipresent. It is always in all ways expressing itself in and as the trillions of forms within the Omega that experiences, time, space, feelings, and thoughts, which is the natural nature of the Omega. The Alpha is beyond such things - beyond all matter, beyond the experiences and reach of the Omega, even though they are One.

Both the Alpha and the Omega are eternal, however, the forms manifested within the Omega are not - they are constantly changing to accommodate the infinite omniscience of the Alpha.

Love Tracy

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