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The mind is an embodiment of our Incarnate Soul (Awareness - Am) being Spirit (Consciousness - I). In turn, Our Incarnate Soul Aka Subconscious Awareness, as well as our Conscious Mind (Thought) is the instrument/Vessel of our true Self Aka our true Consciousness (I - Spirit) being Awareness (Am - Soul). The true Self is Aka the Absolute, God or Life. Life does not personally run itself as Life is impersonal. Life has an innate creative intelligence whose activity is experienced as Love.

Awareness is the activity of Consciousness, or you could say that the Soul is the body of Spirit which are One like your conscious and subconscious minds are One. The Subconscious, besides being a perfect reflection of the Soul is also the activity of the Conscious Mind, throughout all its incarnations. If the Conscious Mind stayed in its true Zen or Christ state, there would be very little activity mentally, however the mind has for the most part been in an egoic mindset which has had a detrimental effect on the Subconscious. The creation of Vasana's which are negative Subconscious tendencies keeps the Soul reincarnating until Karma has restored the balance of Mind.

So, God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. - Genesis 1:27

The conscious mind Aka 'thought' constitutes approximately 5% of our Being and is an instrument or reflection of our true Consciousness as Spirit that we term as Male. Spirit is our intelligence, our consciousness. Our sense of I am-ness. Whatever we are conscious of we give life too. All Soul needs is our attending presence, and this light will give life to whatever it is conscious of.

The subconscious constitutes the other 95% of our existence and holds within itself, the emotional body, unconscious aspects of our Being as well as constituting the door to the Super Conscious. The subconscious is referred to as female and is the producer of all things physical.

True Spiritual intelligence fulfils itself in and as the love of Soul. This is the Alpha. Together, as ONE, they birth their Son being the Omega Aka the Christ or Zen Mind. The Christ or Zen mind is made up of billions of mental and physical forms that constitute physical Life. Each form has an Incarnate Spirit (I) being Soul (Am).

To reiterate and summarize, Awareness Aka Soul is the body or activity of Spiritual Consciousness. The Subconscious is not the total activity of the Conscious Mind but Soul. It is however under the derestriction of the Son Aka Mind Consciousness as much as it is under Spiritual (Father) Consciousness. Together they are one. Spirit is the Yin or Adam - the male aspect of our being and Soul is the Yang or Eve, the female aspect of our being. Spirit is the director, and Soul is the producer. Mind is the movie.

~ Tracy Pierce

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