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I am that I am could be likened to mirror twins, only one is the true Self and one is a reflection.

The mirror: Spirit - Soul/subconscious - mind. Let me explain.

The mind/body born in the image of its true Self, is a reflection of Spirit/Soul and like all reflections, they are back to front so I am becomes Am I . I Spirit Am Soul/Subconscious Am, Conscious Mind I. So the Conscious Mind rolls out of the Subconscious, like the Soul rolls out of Spirit. Remember I am differentiating for the sake of understanding. In truth all are One.

The subconscious is a part of the One Soul. We don't all have our own individual Soul. We are individualized Spirits - or Localized Individual Expressions of Consciousness, not Souls. There is only One Soul with many Sons aka Incarnate Souls or Localized Expressions of Consciousness within the One Soul.

The Incarnate Soul expressed as the Subconscious is what the Incarnate Soul or localized Consciousness is Conscious of to date within its own individual evolution from its fall and then consequent rise to Grace. The Incarnate Soul or Localized Consciousness can only have dominion over the part of Soul it is Conscious of. As it evolves through matter, it becomes more and more conscious of itself as Awareness aka Soul, therefore, has greater dominion over Thy Self but only in conjunction with their realization of their true Consciousness beyond Mind Consciousness.

Mind Consciousness is an empty vessel with no real life of its own until it has realized its true Consciousness as Spirit. This can only be done through and as the Soul aka Awareness. Therefore, the Conscious Mind, which we identify with when we say 'I am" must first become Conscious of itself as the Awareness of the Subconscious which is the door to the Awareness of the Incarnate Soul which again is the door to the One true Soul - or the true body of Spirit. Once the Consciousness of Mind is conscious of itself as Awareness on the deepest level of Being, its Consciousness merges with its true Consciousness as Spirit. This is when the Holy Spirit aka Intuition imbues the Consciousness of Mind, guiding it to still waters.

The Consciousness of Mind often confuses its own Consciousness (experienced as a train of thought) for the reality of its Soul, or its true Spiritual body, so is caught up in this illusion for a long time. Often using its own Consciousness to find its true Consciousness via thinking, which of course it never finds for it will not find its true Self within the Mental Realm. Soul can only be known in and as the Present Moment. The Subconscious of everyone collectively IS the Present Moment.

Likewise, there is only one Mind. Everyone is a cell within the One Mind, holding a different apperception of and as Spirit. Of mind but as Spirit. Every apperception (Of God) or perspective (Of man) offers a different experience of the One. If all the cells in the body know themselves as Spirit through Self-Realization, the body works as One. If the cells in the body are not Realized, they will believe themselves to have a life of their own, outside of the One body and then work against the whole rather than with it - much like a cancer cell.

~ Tracy Pierce

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