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The mind is a reflection of our Incarnate Soul (Awareness) being Spirit (Consciousness). Our Incarnate Soul is the Son or Vessel of our true Conscious Awareness aka our true Self or God. Awareness is the activity of Consciousness, or you could say that the Soul is the body of Spirit which are one like your conscious and subconscious minds are One.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. - Genesis 1:27

The conscious mind that constitutes approximately 5% of our Being and which IS 'thought' is a reflection of our Spirit that we term as Male. Spirit is our intelligence. It is our consciousness. Our sense of I am-ness. Our sense of presence or our knowing that we exist.

The subconscious constitutes the other 95% of our beingness and holds within itself, the emotional body, and the unconscious, which is the door to the super conscious. The subconscious is referred to as female and is the producer of all things physical.

True Spiritual intelligence fulfils itself in and as the love of Soul. Together, as ONE, they birth their Son being the Incarnate Soul, Christ, or Buddha which in turn projects itself into the physical as the mind.

To reiterate, Awareness or Soul is the body or activity of Spirit or Consciousness. Together they are one. Spirit is the Yin or Adam - the male aspect of our being and Soul is the Yang or Eve, the female aspect of our being. Spirit is the director, and Soul is the producer. The Godhead or Monad in which all being lives is both the male and female aspects of our being, which is nonconceptual and undifferentiated.

The mind is the son of both Spirit and Soul or the reflection of them if you like. This reflection goes beyond and lives on many planes of being besides the physical realm, as the son or mind, evolves in and of effect, in order to be able to take the full measure of its parents, manifesting a true image of them both on Earth/Effect. The son represents the eternal dream of both Spirit and Soul as One.

The fall from grace, or the fall of Spirit into matter is both the separation of Spirit/Soul (Cause) and the son (matter or mind/effect) as well as the separation of Adam (Conscious mind) and Eve (Subconscious mind).

Therefore, in order to rise again we must unite on all levels of being. The conscious mind must learn sit in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind that lives in and as the NOW, is the door to both ones true Spirit being Soul guiding us towards the full realization of them, as the mind or Son is becomes fully aligned multidimensionally with all aspects of Being.

One's conscious mind which is attention must learn to hold itself in the awareness of the subconscious. In this manner both the conscious mind (Consciousness) and the subconscious mind (Awareness) expand infinitely - eternally - to realize deeper dimensions of its being. Once the mind is consciously aware of its true Self (Spirit/Soul) it can manifest them in the flesh. The mind cannot manifest what it is not consciously aware of. Note I said consciously aware, not conscious of. One's consciousness must marry one's awareness if reality is to be experienced.

The limited consciousness of the conscious mind often confuses itself with Awareness giving way to illusion or maya in which thought creates thought without the body of truth. Remember consciousness IS thought, it is our true intelligence. The Conscious Mind if it rises in itself, lives only in the mental realm. In order for consciousness to experience reality it must live in Awareness that is ever present.

The degree of one's Consciousness BEING Awareness is dependent on where one is on the wheel of fate or stage in evolution. Remember we are aware we are conscious however we are not always conscious of being awareness. This is because the human mind is fragmented - split. Our goal is to join them together through holding a meditative mind as described above. The conscious mind, instead of rising in thought, keeps its presence in the awareness of Self and the moment, rendering an alert awareness that is meditation. Therefore, understand that meditation is not something we do, rather it is what we are.

Be still consciously and know that I am Awareness.

~ Tracy Pierce

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