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The reason we have a sense of there being two within our personal existence is because we, as Spiritual Consciousness, identify our existence with Mind Consciousness which severely lowers our level of consciousness while giving us the impression of being two rather than one. In reality we are not conscious AS the mind, but we are conscious OF the mind. Though we are not the mind/body - we do have one temporarily throughout our many incarnations.

Bear in mind when I speak of reincarnation, I do not do so within the mind's idea of time and space for time and space are illusions of Mind and do not exist outside the mind. Everything that can happen, has happened and is happening, is happening now. Reincarnation is a process whereby the Alpha - the true Self, tempers a form within and as the Omega (Christ or Buddha Mind) into its likeness. The eternal Self is infinite in nature so the various forms it takes are also infinite within the eternity of the Omega.

As the unmanifest, undifferentiated and nonconceptual Alpha, we have projected ourselves into the Omega - that which is form. The only constant about the Omega is it is constantly changing form. The One Alpha is the billions of life forms within and as the Omega. When one is not realized, one only knows themselves as one particular life-form within and as the Omega. The realized know they are the Alpha expressing itself temporarily within and as a Temple (Mind/body) within the Omega.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female he created them." - Genesis 1:27

When the Alpha first expresses itself as a particular form within the Omega, it is akin to Michael Angelo beginning a sculpture with a slab of stone or a lump of clay. At first the Alpha, having taken on the limitations of the Omega, will forget itself. Only through tempering the marble or clay over many lifetimes, in which the marble or clay begins to resemble the likeness of the Alpha, will the Alpha recognize and realize itself. Here we have in a nutshell the rise and fall of man.

Your true nature is that of infinite spirit (Alpha). The feeling of limitation is the work of the mind (Omega) – Maharshi

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

The 'I' of the Conscious mind (That which we use to think with) reflects the 'I' of Spiritual Consciousness, while the 'am' of the Subconscious mind reflects 'AM of the Soul which is the unmanifest activity of the I. In reiteration: I Spirit AM Soul - the true Self or the Alpha, which reflects itself in and as the Omega, being 'I' of the Conscious Mind 'Am' of the Subconscious Mind, which is always temporary (Temple).

"I am that I am' - Exodus 3:7–8, 13–14

Unfortunately, we identify with the reflection to begin with (Mind/body) when first falling from Grace (Multidimensional alignment) instead of the true Self as Cause, which of course is the 'original sin' and the cause of all other sins. Sin being an old Anglo-Saxon word which means to have missed the mark. Due to this 'sin', we will, through identification with only being the Omega, experience birth and death, as these reflections are effect and effect is subject to time and space, which of course the true Self as Cause - as the Alpha, is not. That which is formless cannot be subject to that which is form.

In identifying with Effect (I of the Omega) rather than Cause (I of the Alpha), we will have no consciousness of ourselves as the true Self beyond form. We lose ourselves in our head - in our thoughts, while forgetting to be present in and as the moment. The moment or the 'Now', is both the physical Subconscious (Human Soul that reincarnates) and the unmanifest activity of the true Soul that animates this form - for all is mind. Everyone's Subconscious collectively constitutes the world - the universe and all in it. The Soul is the activity that animates this form. The Soul (true Love) in turn is the true expression of the Spiritual 'I' - our true intelligence.

"The ALL is Mind. The universe is mental" - The Kybalion

This is why, as the Conscious mind - being the Lamp of the world - we must keep our attention, our consciousness in the present moment, rather than our thoughts which are generated by Mind, not Spirit. As the Lamp we give life to whatever we are conscious of and as in the physical. Until the I of Mind Consciousness is conscious of itself as the I of Spiritual Consciousness, it cannot bring forth the true images of Spirit. Instead, it will create false images of itself, projecting them into the physical world. False images such as sickness, poverty etc. The mind within and as the Omega, being dual in nature will bring forth duality - one day you have it, one day you don't until it is aligned with and as itself as the true Self - the Alpha. Then it will bring forth wholeness, Oneness, and the wisdom of the true Self.

We cannot know our true Spirit without meeting our Soul Aka Awareness first. Just like the babe who must know the mother first before it knows its Father, so it is with the Omega and the Alpha. As the Son or Incarnate Soul, we sit in the womb of the One Soul which is impregnated or embodied by the Father which is Spirit.

The I am of Mind must therefore become conscious first and foremost of itself as being the Son - the Christ or Buddha (The reflection of one's true Self). This is done by uniting the Conscious and Subconscious minds as One in meditation. The meditative or being mind, exemplifies both peace in thought and emotion, which in turn allows for the merging of the Alpha and the Omega. Until the Conscious Awareness of mind embodies the true Consciousness of the Christ or Buddha, it is like a branch cut off from the Vine. While we are thinking and taking thought as Mind, we cannot be present in our own Soul - the Present Moment.

The conscious mind which is thought is present only in itself (Thinking) - not its body which is Awareness (The Soul or Now). Therefore, life is a dream rather than a reality. Spirit (Consciousness plus Consciousness) plus Spirit brings illusion. Spirit plus Soul (Awareness) brings reality - life.

The only way for consciousness to dispel illusion is to sit in the present moment where Awareness or the Soul resides. The minute Mind Consciousness takes thought without awareness (Not being in the moment), it falls into illusion again. It lives an idea of life - an idea generated by Mind consciousness unconscious of itself Spiritually.

What we are not conscious of mentally we cannot manifest in our physical lives. If we are not conscious of ourselves Spiritually, we cannot bring forth the fruits of Spirit. What we will manifest instead is our limited understanding of ourselves as a branch cut off from the vine. We, as the Omega, create in limitation, duality, and separation from our Source as the Alpha. We create duality and separation as we are cut off from our true Self as cause and create life as two instead of One. One day we have it, one day we don't: health, wealth, life and love.

The mind was created to reveal Spirit, not create Spirit. Spirit already is. Life already is complete in and of itself. The Omega beautifully expresses the Alpha when there is no Ego there to trip it up like a rock in a river causing rapids.

You don't become anything because you already are. Mind becomes, body becomes, effect becomes but you as Cause already ARE. To be perfect in the flesh like you are in Spirit, you simply take away everything that is inhibiting the demonstration of this truth - this understanding. Taking thought as effect inhibits our demonstration as Cause (Alpha) living through the Effect (Omega) unfiltered, unfettered, and free.

“It is almost impossible to let life happen because you’re not trying to experience life—you’re trying to make it be safe. You’re trying to do everything you can to utilize form to create a resting place, to create a semblance of safety.” —Michael Singer

Let life alone. Let it be. - Eckhart Tolle

The wave does not become the sea, as it is already the sea. It simply let’s go of the illusion it is not. For us that illusion is the thinking mind - the Ego. Once the ego is gone, we stop resisting life and let it unfold beautifully. In the same way the wave, realizing it is the sea, stops believing it has a will or current of its own and goes with the natural current of the sea.

You are Consciousness and can be anything you want to be - once you realize yourself to be Cause living through Effect (The realized) rather than merely Effect unconscious of itself as Cause (The unrealized).

I am (Spirit/True) that I am (mind/false). Who, in what language does not refer to themselves as 'I am”? Everyone is Spirit experiencing themselves as an individual mind, like electricity experiences itself as many different lamps, that ever incarnate in order to eventually receive the full measure of one’s true Soul/Spirit.

Spirit can only be known through the being mind that lives by Knowing aka Faith. This requires the mind to hold a state of being as opposed to thinking. Without thought the ego or personal sense of Self dies and the Christ or Zen mind is born. When our Consciousness as Mind is no longer hijacked by itself as thought (Thinking), it becomes conscious of itself as Awareness - Soul - as the NOW which is all of life. This spiritual birth renders a sense of knowing in the moment and faith in one's true experience in and of Spirit. Knowing is above knowledge like faith is above belief.

"I think a spiritual journey is not so much a journey of discovery. It's a journey of recovery. It's a journey of uncovering your own inner nature. It is already there. ~ Billy Cogan

~ Love Tracy

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