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When you are not thinking, when you are not caught up in your own personal thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about your reality, who or what are you? Where are you?

The spaces in between those thoughts, beyond the body of these thoughts (Subconscious) that you identify with - what are you? Where are you? How do you exist?

There are many times during the day you are not thinking nor are you caught up in attending the physical manifestations or demonstration of said thoughts.

Who or what are you then? When your mind is still.

These are the questions, you need to ask yourself in your quest for the ultimate truth of your existence for you are composed of two parts: The Omega (Manifest) and the Alpha (Unmanifest). I am that I am.

I am that I am is generally agreed upon to be the name of the true Self world-wide. All of us, irrespective of what language we speak, refer to ourselves as 'I am'. I the Conscious Mind (Thoughts) Am the Subconscious Mind (Collection or body of thoughts - identity) Aka heart or Human Soul. This is the instrument or Temple not built with hands but by the will of God Aka true Self, through the Light that animates the instrument of Mind/body. Behind the instrument is our true Self which is unmanifest...

Behind the Human Soul is the true Self Aka I AM - I Spirit Am Soul.

Along our journey of the road less travelled we come to the realization, we are not conscious AS the mind but conscious OF the mind as the true Self which is completely attribute-less save the arbitrary nouns used to describe the principles of being Light or Love.

Therefore, I am, and you are the manifest instrument or vehicle that is Conscious (I) Awareness (Am) which was born in the image or likeness of the true unmanifest Spiritual Self that is I Spirit (True Intelligence) Am (True Love).

To reiterate, you are and I am, Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) reflecting yourself in and as the Mind which acts like a mirror. It is a dark glass hard to see through at first but over time it clears of all dust (Thoughts and feelings) and allows the Alpha projecting itself into and as the Omega (Mind/mirror) to realize itself, thereby liberating itself from the limitations and servitude of Mind through false identification with it.

This mirror image of mind in relation to the true Self is easily seen now, yes? I of the Conscious mind Aka thought is the reflection or vessel if you like of the true Spiritual 'I' and the Subconscious is the reflection of the 'AM" of the true Soul. Until realization of the Self has occurred these vessels are for the most part empty - in darkness. This is why Jesus said, Let the dead bury the dead, for the unrealized carry very little life within them. Besides, even if they did carry the fullness of Spirit - even if one is fully realized, the instrument is only a temporary means of being, for what is flesh is flesh and what is Spirit is Spirit always in all ways.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." - 1 Corinthians 13:12

The true Self, tempers, molds and purifies the Mind (False Self) lifetime after lifetime (Bearing in mind there is no such thing as time outside of Mind), which is the Subconscious (Am) and the Conscious (I) Mind that rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave does the sea.

Living allows the Mind to be seen physically through the senses. The Subconscious is your Present Moment. Everyone's Subconscious collectively IS the Present Moment physically - it is our shared reality. The activity behind the Subconscious or the life upholding the Subconscious is the Soul - the Am of the true Self that is directed by the I of all being and non-being Aka Spirit. Love literally binds everything together as one. Love is literally the movement of life while the 'I' provides the Light for animation.

The Conscious Mind with which we identify and create thoughts (Thinking) with, should sit within the Subconscious as the witness when Self-realized.

When unrealized the Conscious Mind, due to the emotional unrest of the Subconscious is pushed out of the Temple that is the Subconscious, to seek its peace in the outer world through the senses, which in turn defiles the Temple while creating Karma due to impregnating the Subconscious with false images. False images are images taken from the Senses instead of true Images taken from and through the I of Spirit.

So here we see Eve (Subconscious) tempted by the snake (False I of the mind), rather than the I of our Lord Aka True Self.

Understand all is Mind - the I of your Being has no other place to be but in its own Am-ness. Can you see? Can you see that you are in truth the whole present moment? Because though as mind you see separation in appearances, it is an illusion. There is only One Mind -the Christ or Buddha Mind.

~ Love Tracy

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