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The spirit (I) of God Aka true Self moves through and as the Soul (Am), (Both of which are Unmanifest), which upholds the Mind that is manifest. The Mind being the Conscious (I) and Subconscious) Am). Spirit works through the Soul and the lower end of the Soul which is the Subconscious which is often referred to as the Human Soul (Being physical). Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) - it puts the breath in your lungs, the beat in your heart and is the intention or blueprint in your heart (Subconscious) that plays out as your life. You as the Conscious Mind is always the last to know. This is a scientific fact btw - the Subconscious knows what is happening 10 seconds before you as the Conscious Mind (I) become conscious of it as thought). This is because it is your job as thought or the Conscious Mind, to do NOTHING but witness the glory of God Aka true Self. So, LOVE (Being the eternal Soul -Am) is what carries intuitive messages from Spirit (I) to the right side of the brain which it is picked up and moved along to the left side to be cognized. This takes no mental effort on the part of the Conscious Mind - the realized Conscious Mind that is.

The Ego on the other hand, is the Conscious Mind which rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave, looking back at its Self - giving the false impression of there being 2 sets of Consciousness - you and me or God and you or the manifest world and the unmanifest world or again - God and Man etc. This is how we as Ego self-reflect. Self- reflection is how we learn to come under Grace, so the Ego or thinking Mind does have its part to play in the same way crawling must come before walking. The Conscious Mind must stay Present within the Subconscious and Soul which is the Present Moment if it is to firstly purify the Subconscious in order to align itself with all aspects of its Being and come under Grace.

~ Love Tracy

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