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Try mindfulness. Try 'being' in the moment without letting the mind either rise in thought whereby your own consciousness creates its own images or by following after thought, whereby Universal Thoughts, created by others & which float around in the ether, are attracted to your frequency of mind, like radio waves are to particular radio stations. Don't engage in these thoughts, do not follow them, and react by creating your own thoughts. Rather stay in the moment with no judgment about it whatsoever. Just be the witness and let life unfold in anyway it wants with no conditions or expectations. Set a timer if you like for say 20 minutes or even 10 or 5 and practice doing this.

I want you to notice two fundamental principles to this spiritual practice that the disciple must understand in his/her journey back home. Firstly notice, while practicing mindfulness, that there is no sense of 'I am-ness' - you are just a part of life (not apart from it as you would be if the 'I am' existed) living itself.

Secondly, I want you to notice how life lives itself perfectly without you having to intervene or manipulate it with your thoughts. That by not thinking and being instead, life actually works out better. Notice the synchronicity, the serendipity, the intuition that moves you though an awareness of knowing, that comes without having to take thought for it. You will know without thinking, what to do, what to say, when the moment arrives.

~ Tracy Pierce

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