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The reason good thoughts are not much better than bad thoughts are because 'thoughts' are derived for the most part from the mental realm. Until the Conscious Mind which is what we think with, has merged with its true Self as Spiritual-Consciousness, it will only be able to bring forth false images from the mental realm of duality rather than True Images born of Spirit. This is why it does not matter whether they are good or bad thoughts Aka images.

If you are caught up in the good thought's vs bad thoughts Aka judgement, then you are caught up in mentalism - in the karmic realm in which ones plays with the Hermetic laws of which 'Cause and Effect' are a part. This is the mental realm. Not the Spiritual. The mental realm thinks. The Spiritual realm knows. The mental realm is dual in nature therefore compares and contrasts, while the Spiritual realm is One - wholeness.

The one eternal and formless Soul, which is the activity of Spiritual-Consciousness holds an Awareness that is all-knowing. The Soul of Spirit flows through the Christ, Buddha or Krishna Mind (Depending on one's choice of conceptualization), into the Human Soul Aka Subconscious. Therefore, so long as the Conscious Mind is resting within its Subconscious Temple, at any given moment, intuitive guidance will be received and made conscious. Thx to the Presence of the True Self, the Purified Soul will know what to do, be, think and say at any given moment, without having to take thought for it. The activity of the Eternal Soul (AM) Aka Awareness in its omniscience guides the Human Soul Aka Subconscious Temple. The Conscious Mind if meditating within the Temple will be witness to this. If however, the Conscious Mind is rising in its own thoughts, one will be unconscious of themselves Spiritually as well as any Spiritual guidance, due to the fact the Conscious Mind is absent and not home in his Temple. Rather he is lost in thought instead.

People often make the mistake of identifying with the I-thought that rolls out of the Conscious Mind rather than the I of Christ, Buddha, Atma or Krishna which is always impersonal. It is impersonal because it is direct reflection of Supreme Self we call God or Brahman. Once you know Thy Self as the Buddha, you know Thy self as Brahman or God for they are One.

"Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father." - John 14:8-9

This knowing Aka Faith or Clair-cognizance comes to the conscious mind via our Subconscious Temple which is animated by our true and eternal Soul (AM) being the direct expression of our true Self. In other words, our true Self as Spiritual-Consciousness or Brahman if you like. This is why the Subconscious knows ten seconds before the Conscious Mind, what we are going to think and do.

“As the researchers note, similar techniques have been able to predict motor decisions between seven and 10 seconds before they’re conscious, and abstract decisions up to four seconds before they’re conscious. Taken together, these studies show how understanding how the brain complicates our conception of free will.” - Olivia Goldhill (Retrieved from

Can you see now why you, as the Conscious Mind are not the doer? Not the creator of your life? You think you are because you have the ability to superimpose your thoughts (As a branch cut off from the vine) onto the Subconscious, acting as filters that filter the true images manifesting through your Temple by the true Self Aka Spiritual-Consciousness. But these thoughts of yours do nothing but hinder, destroy and distort the pure Light creating your life.

This is why the Conscious Mind must hold an inner meditative stillness that witnesses the unfoldment of Life as it manifests through the Subconscious Aka Human Soul. This is why Loa Tzu, Buddha and the Christ tell us to keep a still mind as life unfolds within and as us. Within the Omega as the Alpha. This is life living itself.

“Quiet the Mind and the Soul will speak” – Buddha.

“Do not take thought” or ‘Be still & know what I am” – Christ

“To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders” – Lao Tzu

~ Love Tracy

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