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Holding onto one thought so that all other thoughts are expelled is meditation. Meditation is holding one thought that is Awareness for Awareness (Soul) is the essence of meditation (mind). This is apperception. Apperception or holding one thought as Awareness (Aka Meditation) is witnessing the Now without thinking about it Aka judging it. The Subconscious is what will move you. Let the Conscious Mind (Your attention) rest in it, open to intuitive guidance.

When you are talking to someone in a room full of people talking to each other, you become so focused on what this one person is saying that you cannot hear anyone talking. This is the same as holding one thought of awareness. While you are giving your attention to all that is happening NOW, other thoughts cannot rise. If you attention wavers, they do. So, everything you mind starts to divide itself into a stream of thought, bring it back to holding one thought of awareness, which is, as I have said, witnessing life without thinking about, judging it, labelling it or having any expectations or conditions of it. For it is only through the Subconscious that Spiritual Consciousness flows, ready to be cognized by the Conscious Mind.

The Subconscious of one and all constitutes the physicality of the Present Moment. The true Soul guided by Spirit is what animates it. Therefore, the Present Moment is your true body enlightened by your true Self as Spirit.

Once you stop being IN the moment, you start being the moment itself, for you are no longer resisting it with your thoughts via conditions and expectations but fully in it as it. Ego existence can only exist so long as the thinking mind does. The thinking mind feeds the subconscious false images which makes one belief they are apart from the moment, rather than a part of it.

“If you wish to shine like day, burn up the night of self-existence. Dissolve in the being who is everything.” - Rumi

~ Love Tracy

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