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Your Consciousness is not in your body, your body & mind is in you as Consciousness. Not 'your' consciousness because consciousness being yours is an illusion. You cannot own life. Take it from someone who has been 'owned' by Life too many times to count lol. Mind Consciousness (Your current sense of I am-ness) is not your true Self. Spiritual Consciousness is. Never confuse the two. One is the father and the other is a son. One is a vessel, a reflection or an image made out of effect, and the other is real and omniscient, and is the Cause of that effect.

You do not have a life, you are life. One does not sit in the moment; one is the moment. Let your consciousness expand through 'Being Now" instead of thinking and see that I am speaking the truth.

When you are practicing mindfulness there should be no sense of I am-ness to it at all. Even the thought I am meditating, should be not occur. It is the same when you are in the zone, so caught up in what you are doing, you become every part it, while quite forgetting yourself. So much so everything flowed to and as you. You are alive. So, it is with meditation and moving meditation such as mindfulness. Just being in the moment as the Self, which is the totality of all being that is innately and naturally loving, peaceful and creative. That’s realizing the 'Self'.

~ Tracy Pierce

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