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You identify with your thoughts and feelings so find out where they originate. In other words, know Thy Self. Follow every thought back to its primary I thought. By doing so you will realize there is no one behind the thought - no Soul, no Spirit guiding you. No thinker making decisions. It is merely the mind acting like a runaway train with no driver. One thought inspiring another and another and another. Because the mind can divide itself into a legion of thoughts, it seems as if there is a thinker behind each thought. There really isn't, it is just a trick of light. It is so good at doing this that it can even disassociate itself from itself. The mind without its Master is - well like a child. Untamed. Wild. Ignorant. Sometimes insane.

The only way to master the mind is for the mind to realize its Master. It will not do that until it questions its own existence, and inability to master the mind. Hence the path of suffering. Disillusionment must precede enlightenment.

Once disillusioned, we begin seeking our truth - firstly with the thinking mind, which helps us to learn and grasp the right understanding we need to cease the thinking mind and pick up the Being Mind. Being is another word for meditation. Meditation is the natural mind that serves Awareness Aka Soul.

One meditates or practices mindfulness, which is moving meditation by being as deeply present in the moment as you can be. You know when you are in the zone, and everything is just happening perfectly, and you have no sense of self or time or anything - it's just you as a part of life living this really cool thing you are doing....

Of course, in order to be deeply present in the moment, you have to be absent in your thoughts, thoughts generated by a mind unconscious of itself as Spirit. This of course, like any other habit or addiction is going to take a monumental effort but - it IS absolutely doable. Simply keep bringing the wandering mind back to the present moment every time you notice yourself in one of your mind dramas or judgments again. Eventually the mind will not wander even when tempted. It will stay in the moment with its body and Spirit, fully aligned under Grace.

Once the mind is completely clear, pure and tempered the true Self is Revealed allowing you to recognize thyself immediately and immediately again, the mind is mastered, and the fear of death tossed aside with all the monsters that once lived under your bed.

~ Love Tracy

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