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The new way of thinking is to STOP taking thought. In other words, stop creating it, stop dwelling on it, stop following after it, stop thinking altogether until your mind reaches a point of stillness in which thought aka mind, is still, quiescent, and intuitively receptive to both the awareness of the subconscious and the present moment of Now which of course are one and the same. The subconscious is the door to which the Spiritual realms are known. Thought given is of both a different quality and quantity to thought taken. Taking takes effort. Receiving is easy.

Bear in mind that thought cannot stop thought. The mind cannot stop itself from thinking. The mind IS thought - thought cannot control thought. Rather one must keep their mind focused on being Awareness. Conscious of or present in Awareness which is as I have pointed out the present moment itself. Awareness aka Soul is what controls and quietens the mind.

Please - learn the difference between thought given and thought taken or you will be taken in but what you took in. Be sure to listen to your heart, which is the path of intuition, not the mind that masquerades as it. It is called the path of heart because the subconscious holds within it the emotional body. Awareness, in which the emotional body lies, is felt, more than it is thought. Consciousness on the other hand is thought more than it is felt. Knowing which your true voice is, is neither. knowing is a different experience altogether.

Thought taken originates from the mental realm of duality, where the ego is formed and sustained. This state of consciousness, or rather unconsciousness is called the hell consciousness. You know, the place where one day you have and the next you don't. Life, health wealth - all of it there one day and gone the next. Or perhaps collectively instead of individually, you don't have it but someone else does. It is the land of birth and death due to being subject to time and space. With thought taken you have to go looking for it. It takes effort. A lot of effort at times. It is often not an enjoyable process with the results being precarious and often disappointing, confusing and often misleading, leading to doubt.

On the same token the mind can masquerade as your best friend. I say masquerade for if you a friend that kissed you one moment and slapped you the next - would they truly be a friend? I think not.

Thought given, is given intuitively from the spiritual realm - from the true Self, Spirit being Soul, Life, God - All. There are so many names for the Nonconceptual One. One day when realization dawns, the Spiritual dimension of being will be your reality with the physical and mental worlds being seen as the illusion, instead of the other way round as it is for you now.

Thought given is seamless. You cannot tell where it originated, or how you came to think it. It will appear as if by magic. It will flow into your mind in the moment you need to know it. It will be completely effortless. It will always be the right answer not only for the individual but the collective too. There will never be any doubt surrounding it. There will only be a natural calm confidence in it as you move forward to serve the truth that gave it to you. The truth which is life aligned multidimensionally will come forth into your consciousness as a knowing or absolute faith in what to say think or do next

Therefore, keep your mind still in a single open-ended thought of awareness at least 90% of the time. The other 10% at this point in our evolution will be dedicated to the thinking process in which knowing is transmuted into knowledge. Let this presence Consciousness expand in and as Awareness, rather than being lost to thought, until you can see the whole truth and nothing but the truth through the heart of one's Soul being Spirit, rather than the concepts of Consciousness. One must become Conscious of being Awareness, so that we might express our true Self, and not our thoughts and feelings which at present are all we are conscious of.

Do not let the mind rise in the creation or stream of thought. One thought is fine. One thought is meditation. Thinking incessantly is not the true mind. If you allow your minds consciousness to be conscious of thought, instead of the true Self in and of Awareness, you will become them!! You will become lost in your thoughts and mistake them for your reality due to these false images being represented in the physical. You will lose yourself every time! Find yourself in Awareness. You do this as soon as thinking ends for in truth you are Conscious (present) Awareness Now. You are just not conscious of it. Yet! When thought and feeling drop, you will realize yourself behind them.

I know you want to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. I get that. And that will be your reality, I can promise you that. I just can't promise you when. I know it all begins though with taking no thought and letting the moment be what it is, so that Awareness is revealed, like the sun is when the clouds (Thoughts) dissipate.

It's all about BEING, which begins the minute you stop thinking. Shakespeare knew it all along, to or not to be is the question we all end up asking ourselves.

~ Tracy Pierce

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