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We are taught from the cradle that in order to solve a problem we need to think about it. Little did we know this would be what actually created the core of all our problems. The minute we started to take thought for ourselves, is the minute we stepped out of our temple and entered the Matrix. It was the minute we lost touch with our intuitive truth - our inner voice - our guiding light that would navigate our way and keep us safe from harm. Little did we know that in taking thought we would lose our natural meditative state of Being. In opening our eyes, and projecting ourselves forward, we inadvertently closed our Inner I, veiling us from our temple, our home.

So how do we get back home to ourselves - to our truth - our true Being? What key unlocks the door to this pivotal truth that is our true Self? How do we open our Inner I while keeping our eyes of flesh? How do we wake up in the dream and become a lucid dreamer without actually leaving the dream to wake up?

The key is simplicity of Being.

What could be simpler in principle (not practice) than taking no thought? To not think. What could be simpler than living fully present in the moment with a calm, intuitive heart & total acceptance to whatever experience may come our way? With Spirit, our true being, guiding us intuitively? With life itself responding, to our life, to its life, with synchronicity and serendipity? What could be simpler than aligning our I am-ness with the I Am-ness of Life.

Only thought, only thinking complicates this very simple Truth.

It is the same with meditation. So many people have trouble with meditation because they think too much. Am I doing it right? Do I have the right posture? Do I focus on the breath, or do I focus on nothing? What is supposed to happen? How am I supposed to feel? On and on the mind goes, trying to control what it never can.

Meditation is no thought. That is all. Everything else is irrelevant. Keep it simple. Be aware in the moment without judging it. Love the moment as you would your most cherished family members.

The simplicity of no thought crosses all language and intellectual barriers. No one has to be a scholar. You don't have to read any books or try to understand how someone else does it. Let go of all that and just BE in the moment. Be fully yourself. This is meditation. Meditation is another word for being and you are a human being. It is your nature. You do not have to try and be - you simply have to stop thinking and you start being by default. One stops thinking by focusing intently on the moment without judgment. Instead of being guided by thought you will be guided by intuition, instinct, serendipity and synchronicity.

It doesn't matter if you are a saint or a sinner, young or old, or what state you are in when it comes to embracing your true Self and this moment.

No one has to be without sin. No one needs permission. No one needs a teacher. The truth doesn't need to be taught. On the contrary - it needs to be unlearned.

There's nothing you have to change about yourself. There's nothing you have to do. On the contrary, it is what you don't do.

So, keep it simple. Live calmly in the moment with total acceptance, taking no thought while being intuitively receptive to your inner voice and the signs of the Universe. This inner voice will come as a knowing what to do, say, think or be in the moment. This is living by Faith. Moreover, by aligning yourself inwardly you align yourself outwardly. Life is one serendipitous, synchronistic moment after another. For your true Self IS life. The fullness of your being IS life.

~ Tracy Pierce

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