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I am that I am

Spirit aka Consciousness expresses its perfection in and as the Soul aka Awareness.........this is the true and eternal self. The Alpha and the Omega that is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

You can see that Awareness is the activity of Consciousness. Like the subconscious is the activity of the Conscious mind. Therefore, all that can be created has been. The son aka mind need only reveal it in the flesh.

This Awareness of the Soul embodies or is the womb for the mind - Christ that was born in their image. I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind Am subconscious. I am that I am.

This son is one of a billion focal points embodied by the Awareness that is it true Self and its own awareness, called the subconscious that makes up the present moment collectively. The awareness of the soul and the subconscious is unbroken when the Son is in his temple. When the son stays present attending the Awareness of the Soul - its true Self that is embodied by Consciousness (Spirit) it is in its temple and able to receive intuition aka the Holy Ghost.

When the Son (Conscious mind) rises out of the subconscious mind/present moment aka the temple it rises into illusion and becomes inverted.

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