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Being in alignment Aka under Grace with one's truth means to be in the moment where all aspects of our multidimensional being-ness abide. The body itself, the Subconscious (Aka Human Soul), and one's true Self sit in and as the Present Moment. The only aspect of our being not present and accounted for is the Conscious Mind - that which we use to create and take thought.

I say 'create' and 'take', as thought is brought into the world of manifestation in two specific ways egoically. Firstly, thought is created at home so to speak. The True Self sitting behind the mind animates Mind Consciousness. So closely associated is Mind Consciousness (Omega) to its true Self as Spiritual Consciousness (Alpha) that Alpha misidentifies with the mind/body of the Omega, while forgetting itself Spiritually. The Alpha instead of being conscious OF the mind as an instrument, it imagines it is conscious AS the mind. This is the fall - falling from identification as Spiritual Consciousness, to identification as Mind Consciousness. Mind Consciousness is but a limited and dualistic temporary Temple which has a beginning and end date due to being the Omega (Form). It is merely a reflection of the true Self that is eternal, infinite, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

If we identify as the Omega while unconscious of ourselves as the Alpha, we are forced to create and take thought from Mind Consciousness, thereby creating limitation and duality in the physical world. We also lose our spiritual sight so that everything and everyone in the world, is seen apart from us, rather than a part of us. This also means we as Spiritual Consciousness is subject to Mind Consciousness which gives rise to desire filled behaviour such as addictions etc. The master of the Mind Aka Omega is the Alpha in the same way the mind is the master of the body.

The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master - Robin S. Sharma

Then there is thought taken. When we create thought, it is if you like thrown into the ether of the ONE mind which we are all a part of - not apart from. (Everyone's Subconscious Mind collectively represents the present moment physically). Thoughts then floating around in the ether are attracted to their opposite and their like (Equal and opposite reaction), so often thoughts we entertain, are now always homegrown, they are not always out own.

Creating and taking thought through misidentifying as Mind Consciousness (Omega) rather than Spiritual Consciousness (Alpha) means we misalign ourselves as the Conscious Mind with all other aspects of our Being living in and as the Present Moment. Being cut off from the true Self like a branch from the vine, we are longer in our Temple (Soul Aka Now) to receive Faith Aka intuition or claircognizance etc.

Having fallen from Grace we are forced to suffer life egoically, rather than live life as the true Self which identifies as the Alpha living through the Omega, which is seen as an instrument, rather than the totality of our existence. Once realization of the true Self is had, mind desire and unnatural attachments are done away with. One is no more attached to the human body than one is to their house or car.

~ Love Tracy

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