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When you are not thinking, when you are not caught up in mental concepts, thereby allowing the mind to be still and quiescent, there is not a blankness at all. On the contrary. You will never feel more alive. More radiant. More at peace yet highly creative. This is because you are aligned with Life itself - with the Cause of thy effect. Alive is actually the best term for it really. For you are not thinking about life - you are 'being' life. You feel alive, really alive, filled with the joy of living without the tension or heightened buzz of the mind-numbing emotions every time a thought rises outside the temple of Present Moment Awareness to disturb your peace. If the mind does not rise, then neither can emotion. If the mind sits in a single state of being that is one with the Awareness (Soul) behind thought and feeling, then the only corresponding emotion to be expressed in response to this singular one-pointed thought is love. Or to put more aptly, the only thought to rise in response to residing in the Temple of Awareness is love. To sit in a state of being, really is like being a small child again. Excitingly joyful with no conditions or expectations. Each moment a revelation.

This deep Silence of Being is a beautiful thing to behold, to hold within your mind. It is a relief. A guiding light. A warmth that comes forth as Faith, which is a knowing what to do, and say in every moment one is present in. Really it is indescribable. It is your true Self as Awareness, beyond time and space, beyond words. The mind having looked its whole life for this peace in the outer world - in relationships, in money, in power is sought no more for this peace is found to be ones true Self. A peace that the mind is unable to grasp unless given from above as ones Soul being Spirit.

You must know that, if you hold this awareness of mind, then it is only a matter of time before you hold it in your arms in one form or another. Such is the law of consciousness. As above so below. Peace of mind brings forth a peaceful life. The mind without this peace is a mind divided against it true Self and itself as mind for the mind is always in all ways dual and limited.

Know when I speak of Awareness, I am speaking of Soul and believe me when I tell you that this state of Awareness or Soul is by far superior in experience that any thought or feeling the mind can conjure up while out of alignment. The Soul is far from being a blank state. Within it is your purpose for being here and your connection to all other being and non-being.

The law of consciousness states that whatever you behold with all your heart (feeling) and all your mind (Thought) and all your soul (Awareness), you will create in one form or another.

When the Spirit, Soul, mind as the Present align, miracles happen.

~ Tracy Pierce

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