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When one is not thinking, when one is not caught up in mental concepts, allowing the mind to be still and quiescent, there is not a blankness at all. On the contrary. One will never feel more alive, more free, more radiant, more at peace yet highly creative. Alive is actually the best term for this state of mind. One feels alive, really alive, filled with the joy of living but without the tension or heightened buzz of the mind-numbing thoughts and emotions that wreck our bodies when one thought rises after another to inhibit peace of mind.

If the mind does not rise in thought, then neither can it rise in one emotion after another, swaying us this way and that. If the mind sits in a single state of alert but relaxed attention, the only corresponding emotion is love and creativity. To sit in this state of being is like being a small child again. Uninhibited by should I, what if, and ‘this is not what I expected’. There are no comparisons, judgments, expectations, or disappointments. Life is taken for what it is, rather than what we think it is or should be. Life is excitingly joyful. Each moment a revelation of the Soul.

This deep Silence and peace of Being is a beautiful thing to behold, to hold within your mind. It is a relief. A guiding light. A warmth and security. Really it is indescribable. It is your true Self as Soul, beyond time and space, beyond personal words or thoughts.

You must know that, if you consciously hold this awareness of mind, then it is only a matter of time before you hold it in your physical reality in one form or another. Such is the law of consciousness. As above so below. Peace of mind brings forth a peaceful life.

Know when I speak of Awareness, I am speaking of our one true Soul aka Awareness, which is the activity of Consciousness aka Spirit. I am speaking of what is hidden behind your thoughts and feelings. Believe me when I tell you that this state of Awareness or Soul is by far superior in experience that any thought or feeling one’s mind can conjure up itself. The Soul is far from being a blank state.

The law of consciousness states that whatever you behold with all your heart (emotion) and all your mind (Thought) and all your soul (love) you will create in one form or another.

When the Spirit, Soul, mind and the Present align, miracles happen. Know yourself beyond thoughts and feelings derived from a conscious mind cut off like a branch from the vine.

~ Tracy Pierce

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