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Witness everything while judging (thinking about) anything. So hold one thought. Look around as this one thought at everything. As soon as your mind starts to divide itself into two thoughts, bring it back to being one thought of Awareness. Two thoughts are thinking which is the opposite of meditation. Awareness is the essence of meditation. There are levels to this awareness that you will become conscious of as one thought of Awareness.

Firstly, Subconscious Conscious Awareness which your conscious mind will couple with becoming ONE mind rather than the Conscious Mind leaving the Temple of the Subconscious - it stays with it as One thought which emulates Awareness. In this manner, you will watch everything including your thoughts and feelings. Your environment - all of it.

These beginning steps you should practice for months - until you FEEL deeply relaxed and warm and centred. This should be your only goal at this point. To profoundly relax within the moment...bearing in mind you are always present when you are outside of thinking. You are always present while meditating.

Over time you will notice that ALL you are conscious of physically and mentally is not you. It cannot be because you are watching your thoughts and feelings. So now you realize you are not conscious AS the mind, but conscious OF the mind because you are the Awareness (True Soul) behind the consciousness of the conscious mind and the awareness of the subconscious mind.

The Subconscious is the daughter of the Mother (True Self) Soul. The Conscious Mind is the Son of the Father Spirit (True Self). The son and the father cannot meet and merge as one (Spiritual union/marriage/realization) except through the present moment which is both the Subconscious (Daughter) and the One true Soul (Mother).

The Subconscious is the physical part of the present moment, and the Soul is the unmanifest activity (Love) of the present moment. The I of mind sits within the womb of the true Soul and the true Soul sits in the I of Spirit.

So long story short - hold one thought of awareness - every time the mind tries to divide into thought - bring it back to one thought which is meditation. Keep disciplining the mind to do this while at the same time, teaching yourself to truly FEEL what you are being or doing if it is mindfulness (moving meditation) you have chosen.

A lot of people like to start with moving meditation (Mindfulness) as sometimes the quickest way to still the mind is to move the body. So long as you are keeping one thought, its fine. One thought that is felt. Feeling the moment is VERY important. VERY important for being cannot be thought - it must be felt.

As stated earlier, this meditation whereby you are discipling the mind and relaxing the body through holding a conscious Awareness will morph into becoming conscious of being Awareness - the true Soul. This is because once, thoughts and feelings stop, the mind becomes clear and reflects the Soul - and we realize for the first time experientially (Beyond theory) that we really are not the mind/body but Spirit.

This is the beginning of realization.

When Maharshi says meditation from the heart, he means the subconscious because the subconscious holds the emotional body which is felt and is also the door to the Spiritual realms of our Being.

~ Love Tracy

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