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The only way to realize the true Self aka God, which is impersonal it to drop the identification of a personal sense of self. You do not want to identify as effect when you do not know Thy Self as Cause. Otherwise, you are merely a rebel without a cause.

The only way to know Thy Self as Spirit (Impersonally) is to cease taking thought aka thinking, for it is only the thinking mind that creates a personal sense of Self apart from Life, rather than a part of it. A personal sense of Self will tell you; I have a life; whereas an impersonal identification with Life tells you, you are Life. To reiterate, the unrealized man is always IN the moment, while the Realized man IS the moment. Can you see the difference? As Spirit you identify as Life. You do not have one.

Ask yourself, what are you without thought? Who are you without your personal back story? Who are you without your memories? Your beliefs, your concepts, your ideals? Your traumas, your particular desires, wants and needs based on all these things? Who are you when you stop thinking and start being in the moment? You are nobody of course. You are no one but the universe experiencing itself through a specific mind and body - an avatar.

For when one stops thinking, the veil drops, and you realize Thy Self as Spirit which is always that totality of all Life, living impersonally living through the personal. You know yourself as Cause being Effect and they are One. Effect perfectly reflects Cause in their Oneness of Being.

At the moment you only know yourself as Effect. Cause - your true Self is only theory to you. Not an experience or a reality. The subconscious ONLY manifests what you KNOW to be true, not what you believe could be true. Bear in mind the subconscious of everyone is the Present Moment. This has great significance and something one should contemplate deeply.

In losing your personal sense of existence through adopting the Being (Meditative) mind, the veil drops, allowing you to realize the true Self that is impersonal, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. The Alpha and the Omega.

One fine day, these words will be experiential rather than theoretical, for believing in God aka true Self, is a personal choice, whereas experiencing God is Self-Realization. Theory is thinking. Being is experiencing. Thinking is the absence of being Present and the Present Moment is the only reality - the only place you can align with all aspects of being multidimensionally. Anything outside the present moment is theory and theory is not reality.

On that day you will be liberated from the egoic mind that offers life and death in the same breath. Free to be completely in love with the world without any form of attachment to it. Without suffering the fear of losing something, you yourself can create and do over and over again throughout eternity.

Those that only know themselves as Effect - as mind and body while ignorant of themselves as Cause live in fear for Effect, though eternal like its maker (Cause) it is unlike its maker, constantly moving, constantly changing, dynamically morphing into different forms. If you identify with one of those forms, then you will imagine when it changes into something else that your existence will come to an end. This fear taints, impacts and debilitates your whole life in acute and chronic ways that rarely end happily ever after. However, if you identify with the Cause living through effect experientially, then life becomes a festival full of lights and death merely a costume change. False evidence appearing real as fear, no longer haunts our lives. We are free.

You can either do it before physical death or after physical death. Either way Self-Realization is your fate eventually, whether it is this lifetime or another. In fact, being the Alpha and the Omega, it has already happened as time and space are illusions that only the avatar is subject to. The avatar is capable of lucid dreaming though and this is what we call Awakening.

Imagine if at night you could control your dreams due to realizing you were dreaming, rather than being subject to them? What fun that would be!!! We could literally make our dreams come true. And isn't that what Life’s about irrespective of what level we are living it? Life is innately creative and loving.

~ Tracy Pierce

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