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Self-realization is all about how the conscious mind is used. If it is still or if it is active. It is your presence of being. Your existence. One's sense of I am-ness. It is not expansive like awareness. It is a focal point. It is one's attention. The Witness, the Revealor. The Revealor which often confuses itself with the creator of life. The conscious mind is often referred to as one's Inner I that either rises in the creation of thought, thereby serving your own intelligence, its own false persona rather than revealing its true life by holding a meditative or being mind that join with the subconscious in present moment awareness in order to become a pure Channel for Spirit to act upon.

It is clear to see then, that the conscious mind can be used in two ways. Actively serving the ego or false persona by taking thought or alternatively by holding a still mind that intuits 'knowing' or Faith from Spirit via the Soul. Depending on what state of mind we hold our manifestations and distractions in the physical will be quite different.

When the conscious mind which is one's attention/consciousness, combines with the subconscious Awareness thereby Living in Temple of Now, the conscious mind aka YOU becomes conscious of being Awareness aka Soul. Awareness and Soul mean the same thing

At the moment the conscious mind is ironically completely unconscious of itself as Awareness, as Soul. The conscious mind due to being unconscious subconsciously is not conscious of itself super consciously, as the door to Spirit is found with the union of the conscious and subconscious minds coming together. If the conscious mind is actively taking thought, it takes itself out of the present moment and into a mental concept, making it impossible for the two minds to come together as one. This is why it is so important to maintain a meditative mind. Moreover, if a meditative mind is not maintained we will be unable to properly receive intuition without confusing intuitive thoughts with egoic thoughts. If we are present in thought, then we are absent in our own Awareness, our own Soul, therefore unable to receive the gifts of Spirit that work through the Soul, Awareness or Am.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverb 3:5

The conscious mind in its egoic state is only conscious of itself. In fact, the conscious mind confuses its own consciousness with its Awareness, thereby living in Maya or illusion. Consciousness is mind or thought while Awareness is the activity, expression, or body of Consciousness. Can you see how the conscious mind is deceiving itself? It believes the illusion of mental concepts to be the reality of its own Soul, its own true body. Of course, it’s not. Mental concepts are not real. They are not reality. Now is real. Now is reality and the Soul is always now.

However, if the conscious mind holds a meditative (being) state, it becomes conscious of itself as Awareness. The subconscious mind which is our awareness always sits in the present moment. In order for the conscious mind to do that it must stay outside of thought. The conscious mind holding a meditative state has not risen outside of the body in a dream of mental concepts but stays squarely within its own body of Awareness that is its Soul. The Soul is both our subconscious and the present moment. One’s true Spirit or true intelligence cannot imbue the conscious mind intuitively, except through the Soul, therefore the conscious mind must stay present in its own awareness, which is always the present moment.

Thought (unless meditative) always lives outside the now. Or merely aptly put thinking always lives outside the now. Thought singular is meditative therefore always in the Now while working harmoniously and consciously with the subconscious which of course is ever present. Really consider this statement so that you can see that it is true. It is important you understand why one cannot think and be at the same time. It is important you realize why thinking takes one outside of the present moment, where our point of power is. It is important this is understood deeply as our spiritual practice and understanding is reliant on this comprehension. Thought is NOW. Thinking is always outside the NOW. The reality of Now is so important as 'Awareness is always NOW and it is one's awareness that our consciousness must merge with as One.

Along one's journey of becoming more consciously aware, our subconscious is the first place we, as thought aka conscious mind traverse. The mind must be at peace both intellectually (Conscious mind) and subconsciously (emotional body) if true meditation is to be achieved. With the subconscious being 95% of the mind it is imperative we are at peace with our emotional body. The emotional body is part the subconscious, the subconscious is part of our Awareness. As Eckhart Tolle says, "must be felt". Awareness is the essence of being - of meditation. Healing the emotional body so that it may rest in peace means becoming conscious of and addressing all our core beliefs and redundant emotional patterns created while operating egoically. At least enough to slow the mind down so that the conscious mind has a reasonable chance of feeling its own awareness, its own true inner peace. In this manner we become pure of heart again, leaving the emotional body to rest in peace, rather than rising in emotional anxiety in response of the copious thoughts of an ego. All inner emotional conflict dissipates as the two minds become one. The more the conscious mind holds this meditative state the more of the subconscious, Soul and Spirit is revealed until one day liberation from the egoic mindset occurs in realization of the Self.

The conscious mind eventually comes to the realization it must sacrifice its own personal life of thought in favour of the true Self which is realized through the meditative awareness of Son that merge with Soul Consciousness. For the ego dies when egoic thought ceases, which it does when the conscious mind adopts a meditative state of being that unites both minds. How can a personal self-exist without incessant personal thought? It cannot. Only the true Self can exist, when thinking ceases, which uses the mind in a completely different and superior way to how it was used egoically. One lives by Faith or knowing, not by taking thought.

~ Tracy Pierce

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