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A lot of people mistake the ego as being a part of their physical make up, believing it is a part of their being they must make friends with or integrate into their existence somehow, or even more perversely, that it in some way keeps them safe. On the contrary, the ego is the reason why one feels they are not safe.

None of these concepts are true.

The ego is the misuse of the mind due to the misidentification with form - with thought. If you believe you are thought, you are going to think. If you know you are Spirit, you are going to BE Spirit.

For example, if you were born among wolves, you would think you were a wolf and adopt the habits of wolves. You would walk on all fours like wolves do, only to develop some seriously physiological symptoms due to not being a wolf. On finding out you are a man; however, you then begin to use your body as a man would and walk on two feet. As soon as this happens all your physiological symptoms are healed. Same principle. The right identification dictates the right use of mind, and the right use of mind brings about healing.

When one identifies with the mind/body, (effect) which is the vessel of its true Self, it forgets itself as Spirit which is the true Self. Instead of turning towards the light of its Awareness for guidance in the outer world, one's consciousness as the vessel, rises in thought and lives by judgment, measurement, and discernment. Rather than living by faith from the tree of life, the egoic mind lives by taking thought from the tree of knowledge. In other words, one creates life from the mental and physical realms as opposed to the Spiritual realm where lies our true Self, our true Cause and our true purpose for life.

The thinking mind is called the veil as the conscious mind rises out of the temple which is the subconscious/present moment where intuition is given. Therefore, the conscious mind cannot make intuition conscious and bring forth the fruits of Spirit into the mental/physical. It is not at home to receive them. The conscious mind aka thought is instead in its own temple of illusion, mistaking its thoughts for the Awareness of its true Self that is directed by its true Consciousness aka Spirit.

The only way for the vessel of consciousness aka Son (conscious mind/thought) to embody the Father or Spirit - one's true Self is through the subconscious/present moment which requires the conscious mind to be still, alert and aware (meditative) in the subconscious/present moment awaiting intuitive guidance.

This is what the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins is about. Five virgins had acquired enough understanding (oil) to know that they must keep all their attention in their own Awareness of the subconscious/present moment/Soul awaiting intuition. The five foolish virgins allowed their 5 senses to lead them out into the world of objects whereby they became unconscious and forgot themselves again.

According to Matthew 25:1-13, ten virgins await a bridegroom; five have brought enough oil for their lamps for the wait, while the oil (understanding) of the other five runs out. The five virgins who are prepared for the bridegroom's arrival are rewarded (The true Self or bridegroom raises them up), while the five who went to buy further oil miss the bridegroom's arrival and are disowned.

Thought or the conscious mind which we create thought with, should be inspired from the spiritual realm - the true Self, by staying in the present moment, not itself by rising into the mental realm of duality, separation, and limitation.

Therefore, do not think. Do not take thought. Stay awake. Stay aware. Stay conscious of the moment. Do not drift off into thought. Stay in a single thought of alert awareness otherwise known as meditation. This state of being allows intuition to come to you in the form of 'knowing' what to do and say in each moment. This is Spirit guiding you. This is living by Faith alone, for Faith IS knowing. Not believing but Knowing! This is a true relationship with the Self, that proceeds the union of the mind and Self. It is an experiential relationship. Not theoretical. Not mental concepts for theory are not real. The moment itself is real, therefore be real in it. Jesus spoke about this in the garden, when he said to his disciples, which were in truth a part of his own mind, to stay awake. To stay out of thought. To be vigilant in helping him stay conscious - to keep his mind and heart open so that he might do the will of his father (His true self). And He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, “So, you men could not stay awake and keep watch with Me for one hour? - Matthew 26:10

Out of interest and from my own experience (All experiences vary) quality of thought 'given' from the spiritual realm is quite different to the quality of thought 'taken' from the mental realm.

Thought given is refined and gentle, quick & often synonymous with movement. It is

a knowing what to do or say in the moment it is happening without having to reason it. It is a faith that originates from Spirit & carries with it no doubt whatsoever due to originating in Oneness. It does not weigh on the mind as knowledge does while it crams our memory cells full of needless trivia that is outdated once deposited. It does not need to be weighed and measured, considered, or manipulated. It is complete in and of itself. It is the Alpha and the Omega of all creation.

It is a certain 'knowing' given in the moment of need. Of course, it is always in the moment for the past and future are but mental concepts and outside the realm of reality that is Now. Being is always Now.

Being and thinking are two completely different states of mind. Faith leaves more of an impression of knowing than believing. It is here today and gone tomorrow for there is only the truth of the moment. Also, tellingly, Faith or Knowing, serves not only the individual but the whole due to being all knowing and loving in its Oneness.

The thinking mind or egoic mind in contrast, is thought taken that can be and often is, exhausting, carrying with it a sense of doubt due to originating in duality. Belief which originates from the mind, has a fifty-fifty chance of being right. It does not serve the whole; it only serves the individual due to being limited in vision or cut off from the whole. Thoughts and emotions swirl around the egoic mind incessantly, stressing the body with a chemical overload, putting it ill at ease and out of homeostasis. This often results in a disease of some type.

Your mind will witness and reflect whatever you as Awareness are attending (Attention).

You are not here to create thought and thereby judge. You are here to bear Witness to the truth of your Being as it flows through you and out into the world to bless One and All.

~ Tracy Pierce

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