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When Adam (I) and Eve (Am) Aka the Conscious (I) and Subconscious (Am) Mind are in Eden (Meditation) they are guided by God. Likewise, when we are in the right state of mind we too are guided by our true and eternal Intelligence as Spirit.

The mind will tell you time and time again, I am all there is to your existence. There is nothing but the body and I. This is because at this point in our evolutionary tale, we only look with the eyes. We have not learnt the see with the I.

The mind in its current operative capacity can only attest to reality through the limitations of its senses. However, we all know, through the development of science, that our ability to know ourselves beyond these limitations increases daily.

Almost all of us agree that Consciousness constitutes our fundamental existence even though to date we do not really know nothing about Consciousness. To date, we still have no idea what Consciousness is, where it is or why it is. In other words, we know almost nothing at all about the origin and fundamental principles of our existence beyond what the senses attest too. In over 2000 years of recorded history, we are not a whole lot closer to knowing and understanding our existence beyond what we knew when Adam was in short pants.

How then do we as Consciousness, come to know and understand our existence in its entirety, through an instrument such as the mind that is seemingly limited in its ability to know itself? Clearly, the act of thinking and its by product such as science, whose cornerstone is empirical evidence, can only take us so far ontologically. Two thousand years later, and here we still are - clueless as to our origin and fullness of Being. Clearly, we (Whatever we are) must find a way to use the only tool - our mind, in such a way that the questions as to our very existence can finally be answered. Every cause has an effect and every question an answer.

"Everything that is hidden will become clear, and every secret thing will be made known." - Luke 8:17

The only way to know ourselves in totality, beyond the limitations of 'Mind Consciousness', is to change the way in which we as Mind use the Mind. Thinking, though astonishingly impressive is also astonishingly insane and limited. I say insane for even though 'thinking' has reaped us some seriously impressive evolutionary gains, it has also done a lot of damage to our planet and the living beings that inhabit it including ourselves. The thinking mind is responsible for every sin and disease on the planet. Therefore, thinking though obviously an important step in our evolution, is not the ultimate nor best use of Mind. Therefore, our next giant leap forwards as a species will see yet another dimension of our being unfold, allowing the mind and body to be guided by an innate intelligence beyond one's present level of Consciousness.

This next step along our journey of the road less travelled will see us all learning to use the Mind aka Inner I (That which we think with) correctly by virtue of meditation Aka praying-without-ceasing. Rather than rising into a caravan of thought, believing these thoughts will lead us to our truth, or worse yet that the thoughts and feelings manifested by the thinking mind, which we ignorantly identify with, are the truth. They are not. They are not even the vehicles for our Self as Truth when originating from Mind Consciousness unconscious of itself as Spiritual Consciousness. Thought will only lead us part way. They will and have led many to the well of truth, this is certain. Equally as certain however is one cannot drink from the Well until the personal thinking Mind has been dropped.

In surrendering the thinking mind aka personality, you have passed from death to life, yet have lost nothing while gaining everything. In other less confusing words, you are now sustained by the Alpha (Unmanifest Spirit) that is eternally infinite in its expression as the Omega (Form - body /earth)

You must, if conscious realization of the Self is your mission surrender the thinking mind for the Being Mind which enables one's Consciousness as Mind and one's Consciousness as Spirit to align as One within the Undifferentiated Grace of Soul embracing the Zen mind within her womb. One must hold one's attention within their Awareness until they work as One in a hyper-alert state of Awareness that flows as the synchronicity of the moment while guided by tuition from within. Rather than thinking, claircognizance is experienced. which is a different way of embodying thought as Mind.

In other words, give up controlling the Present Moment with your thoughts. Let the moment be what it is without any kind of manipulation. Only when the conscious mind is at rest can one's true Consciousness as Spirit take over, guiding us through an alert awareness that is experienced as claircognizance within Mind as well as through its natural body being the Soul. The activity of Soul is the direct expression of Spirit.

Until the mind is consciously aware of itself as Spirit, it will create thought from itself rather than receiving thought from its true and eternal Self as Spirit. In realization of the true Self, however the mind surrenders its ability to create life itself and settles down to bear witness to the revelations given via Holy Ghost (Intuition) in and as Consciousness.

Any thoughts created from the mental realm, from Mind Consciousness, that are NOT aligned with Spirit are called false thoughts as they come from a false sense of Self called an Ego, that is ignorant of its fullness of Being - unconscious of itself Spiritually. Therefore, creates from the limitation and duality of the mental realm as opposed to the Oneness of Spirit. Thought originating from the true Self - Spiritual Consciousness, are steeped in Oneness as they flow through the Consciousness of Mind as the Holy Spirit Aka Intuition, in the creation of what is termed called true or Divine Images.

To create false images, is to bear witness to a lie. As Mind you should be representing thy Spirit – not yourself as Mind. If the Consciousness of Mind is creating images itself, then it is not bearing witness to the Divine idea which originates in and as one’s Spirit. Instead, it bears witness to a lie. The ‘Witness’ is always the ‘appearance’ or ‘form’.

And you (Omega) also are witnesses because you have been with me (Alpha) from the beginning” (15:27; cf. Act. 1:21-22).

The Alpha (I) and the Omega (Am) are One in the same way the mind and body are One. The Omega being form that cannot be created nor destroyed spends eternity forming and reforming itself in the infinite creations of the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent Alpha.

I say with and as Spirit as in 'with the mind' and 'as' Spirit for you both in the Oneness of your Beingness. You are the Unmanifest Alpha - always One, expressing itself in the billions of forms that constitute the Omega - the Manifest, infinitely and eternally. Once you connect to your Spirit, you connect to the Spirit of All Being for the One Spirit birthed the One Son (mind) that lives in each creature great and small, both within and outside of time and Space.

~ Tracy Pierce

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