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Stop letting the world tell you how you are, what you are, why you are, and where you should be at a certain point in your life.

Be you, without any conditions or expectations now. Stop living by the creation of your own uninspired thoughts and those taken from the universal mind. Unplug from the matrix. Keep your consciousness - your "I am-ness" that you use to create thought and keep it in your own Awareness of the moment. Be of one mind - keep the 'I' of the conscious mind, deep in the 'Am' of the subconscious/Present Moment Awareness. Be the pure channel that Soul needs to bring Spirit to life in the physical.

Keep your mind open, as a single thought and let the awareness of your soul bubble up to make itself known. In this manner you will be shown your true purpose for being here, with all the added things coming to you as you need them.

Keep thought single as awareness. The minute that thought as the conscious mind divides into two or more thoughts you will become unconscious. A single thought is meditation and mindfulness equalling Spiritualism. Two or more thoughts are thinking equalling mentalism. The single mind serves Spirit while the divided mind serves the mind itself.

A divided mind, whereupon there is more than one thought, divides your attention - lulling the mind into an unconsciousness that draws attention from the temple of Present Moment Awareness, into thoughts aka illusion or Maya. Rather than remaining in one's temple of Awareness where one is guided intuitively by one's Spirit.

If you are able to hold your mind as a single thought of awareness your awareness will deepen into other dimensions of your being that, until this time you had no idea existed.

To reiterate and summarize, keeping a single mind (Meditation) creates the temple of Present Moment Awareness, allowing one to be guided intuitively by Spirit. One is given an awareness that is omniscient in relation to one's lived experience. There is no need to take thought whereby the blind one is constantly measuring and judging trying to ascertain the correct path to take. Having Spiritual vision that is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient one can never become lost. One is always in all ways at peace whether one is entertaining form or without form.

Do not let the world or 'They Say' lead you. Dive deep into your heart and follow the truth of Thy own Beingness to guide you.

~ Tracy Pierce

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