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Intuition is tuition from within. This begs the question what is it that is teaching us from within our own consciousness. If we look for it with thought - with our own consciousness in thinking mode, we do not find it. It is only when we are still and not looking aka thinking, that our true Consciousness, from which we receive intuition, is realized.

It is only when we settle down into a relaxed quiescent and listening state of mind that intuition from our higher Self is heard. This is because the consciousness that we use to create thought with, is the same consciousness that is used to receive thought from a higher impersonal consciousness. One cannot listen and talk at the same time.

Thinking is only necessary when we are converting knowing received intuitively, into knowledge. The conscious mind aka Inner keeps its attention on the right side of the mind, receives Knowing aka Faith intuitively, then uses the left side of the mind to analyse and form mental pictures aka thoughts, to pass along to the subconscious to produce in the physical.

The egoic mind does not utilize intuitive faculties. It never stops talking long enough to listen. Rather it keeps its attention in the left side of the brain, analysing and forming mental images of the outer physical world which it then passes along to the subconscious to produce in the physical. In this manner a negative feedback loop is established that reinforces illusionary thought that originated from the ignorance and limitation of a mind that does not truly know itself. It is clearly seen then that the practice required to know one's true Self, is no practice at all. The minute we stop thinking, we start being in the moment with an open mind and heart to all the Soul and Spirit has to offer.

~ Tracy Pierce

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