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Awareness is Soul and Soul is life itself. The present moment is its vessel. Our subconscious is its vessel. Its reflection. Its representation - all of Soul. From, in and of Awareness all form comes forth, even though Awareness aka Soul is not form itself. Clearly. Try to find or put your finger on Awareness. See if you can find it. Define it. You can't of course because Soul is not a form. It is formlessness. It is an activity. An activity of Consciousness.

Consciousness is the "I" of our being. Some call it the Third Eye. Some call it thought alone. Our conscious mind is its vessel. Its reflection.

Our 'Am' is Awareness - Soul. It is our heart. Love/Soul/Awareness is the activity of our true Intelligence that is Spirit - our true and full Consciousness.

So "I" (Spirit) "AM" (Soul) expressing or reflecting Thy-Self through and as my-self in the conscious (I) and subconscious (AM). Mind

The trouble begins when we confuse our Minds Consciousness (I am) with our true Consciousness (I AM). We are not a "My" we are "Thy". The mind/body must abide in and as the true I AM - The present moment that is Soul being directed by the true intelligence of Spirit. This is why the NOW is so important. It is your own true point of power as the mind. It is the only way to align with your true Spirit being your true Soul. Our true Self.

Can you see how you are actually Life itself? You are not in the moment (as a personal I), you ARE the moment as the Impersonal I - as Spirit. This is the shift in consciousness, shift in identity that happens when one is lifted up or termed "SELF" realized for the true Self - our true and full Consciousness has been realized by the mind consciousness and now they work as one. The reflection does as the Creator does - they work as One. As soon as this merge between the two "I"s merge, the small I is swallowed up within the true I, then I live yet not I.

I (mind consciousness) have been crucified with Christ (The mind consciousness is the mind that has reached a state of intuitive stillness that it merges with the fullness of its Spirit being Soul) and I (mind consciousness) no longer live, but Christ (True and Full Consciousness) lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith (Intuition) in the Son of God, (Self Realized Being) who loved me and gave himself for me.

- Galatians 2:20

I am that I am. That is being. We are human beings. I am Spirit being a human mind and body within my own Body that is Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

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