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If I told you to pay attention to your computer screen because at any moment, a 3-digit code will flash upon your screen lasting one second, which will open a safety deposit box holding millions of dollars, would you not focus all your attention on that screen? Yes of course! Would you let your attention wander off into thoughts - idle daydreams? No of course not. Would you let yourself be distracted for even a second by what was around you, pulling at your attention Aka Consciousness? No definitely not, you would remain vigilant and conscious of that screen in front of you. Your mind would be one-pointed and alert without losing focus.

Perhaps if you are a billionaire rolling in money, you would not be overly concerned with such a deep focusing of thought, thereby allowing your attention to wander off in copious thoughts that entertain and distract your attention, so that when the code came upon the screen you would miss it. And not be overly concerned.

Can you see now how the consciousness of mind works? If your mind is not in the moment, fully attentive and focused as ONE thought that is akin to hyper-alert Awareness, due to being present - attending as attention - your own thoughts and daydreams, you will miss the way. You will not be able to become conscious of thy Self spiritually nor demonstrate the gifts of Spirit such as clairvoyance, claircognizance and the like because your consciousness was distracted and elsewhere.

If your mind is not fully attending the present moment which is your true body as the Impersonal Collective, you will as consciousness be unable to become conscious of thy self as Spirit.

You can understand the Den of Thieves parable now, yes?

"It is written that my house shall be a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves." - 21:13

House is another word for Temple - Mind. Prayer is another word for meditation which is a hyper-alert state of Awareness in which all personal sense of self is lost due to being so deeply in the moment, that you become the moment. You stop having a life and become Life. The thieves stealing your attention are your own thoughts, that cause you to wander away from your temple through stealing your attention.

~ Tracy Pierce

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