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Awareness Aka Soul is the activity of Consciousness Aka Spirit. That is the difference between them in case you were ever wondering. Awareness is female energy – yin and Consciousness is male energy – yang.

The barking dogs spoken of in Churchill's quote, are your thoughts. The more attention you pay to them, the more you feed them. The more you feed your thoughts, the more ferocious they become. They will consume your entire attention, leaving nothing left of your consciousness for reality. You will be completely unconscious in regard to reality – mistaking your thoughts for such.

Your actual consciousness is lost to them – to thoughts, which means one of two things - firstly you are giving life to them by virtue of putting your presence into them and secondly, your minds consciousness, is absent in its temple of Awareness aka the Present Moment. Being disconnected to the present moment means you are disconnected to the intuition and insight belonging to these higher dimensions of your being such as your Incarnate Soul, (Subconscious) that is the instrument of thy true Self that is omniscient. Without being in alignment with thy true Self, one is basically a dead work that is spiritually blind.

The Conscious mind Aka thought must unite and work together harmoniously with the Awareness of the Subconscious which is felt. Until the mind is an instrument resting in peace, it cannot be directed by the Holy Spirit (Intuition) and receive the gifts of Spirit such as claircognizance, clairvoyance, etc.

The conscious mind is attention while the subconscious mind is awareness. United they bring an alert awareness which is the meditative mind – a clear channel that brings forth the Holy Ghost aka intuition. The mind rather than reflecting itself, reflects Spirit, bringing forth a much more full and peaceful reality.

The subconscious sits in and as awareness that is always present in an AS the NOW. It is with the Subconscious that the Conscious Mind needs to be present and One with. One must bring their consciousness to their awareness of being. This is done by 'being aware' Aka meditation. Attending - bringing attention to (which is what the conscious mind is) to one's awareness within and as the subconscious, that is also the present moment is the door to the higher realms that one is slowly but surely becoming conscious of. The awareness of the Subconscious leads us back home to ourselves as the true and eternal Awareness of the One Soul – which is the Unmanifest activity of the moment. The personal Subconscious is the physical appearance of the Son and daughter of Soul.

Therefore, when it comes to being conscious of thy true Self as the Awareness of Soul beyond the flesh, one embodies this Awareness in a state of profound ‘Being’ in which there is ‘no-mind’ just pure consciousness appearing as I am - not I am that.

By giving your conscious attention to said thoughts, you are lost to them – to thoughts born of a mind disconnected to its truth - it's true and eternal centre of Being. Therefore, there will be no truth in these thoughts nor their manifestations in the body of yourself nor the world. One suffers as they drift and drown in false images that become one's physical reality like one horrible ground hog day after another as one cries out for their true Self - the truth within to save them.

Your true awareness as Soul and your true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit (I AM) lies behind your Consciousness of Mind, (I am) deep within and past the subconscious. The true Self is always drip feeding the human Soul Aka Subconscious with the true intelligence and love of Soul being Spirit, gently nudging and nurturing the mind, which is an instrument of its peace, toward the true reflection & embodiment of them as the One true and Eternal Being I AM. The Alpha (The I AM of Spirit) or true Self is always tempering the Omega (The I am of Mind) to take the full and pure embodiment of itself.

The Superconscious can only be accessed and made conscious when the conscious mind marries the subconscious, assuming the meditative mind. Save your attention (conscious mind)) for the awareness within your subconscious that will expand in conscious awareness if consciousness, or one’s presence of being, is not lost to the thoughts that continually rise within the conscious mind distracting one's attention. Make conscious the unconscious as Jung says, by bringing attention to the BEING the Awareness above and beyond the Subconscious mind that is ever present in and as the NOW. In the Now as the Human Soul, but as it as the Soul itself.

This is another way of saying 'Be as deeply present in the moment as you can be. Be so deeply and profoundly present in it that you lose all sense of yourself and become the moment itself. We want to lose the personal for the impersonal. You want to go beyond the conscious awareness of the instrument to the true Self itself. Your eternal I am.

Don't let the dogs (thoughts) distract you, as the conscious mind (a reflection of true consciousness), from your subconscious that is always present in the moment. Be mentally still and 'know' that 'I am'.

Live by inspiration and intuition, while walking with synchronicity and serendipitously on the road less travelled, Keep thine "I" single within a pure heart.

The light of the body is the eye: if. therefore thine eye be single, thy. whole body shall be full of light. - Matthew 6:22

~ Tracy Pierce

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