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Be consciously aware of life, without taking thought for it. In other words, be naturally thy Self, in and as the moment without thinking about it. Life will take care of itself, for Life is merely aspects of your Being in its fullness. Aspects of which you are not yet conscious. You as mind, can trust your true Self as Spirit - as the totality of Life living itself. Your subconscious does more than carry out your demands as a Conscious mind (thought). It also serves your Soul being Spirit aka True Self. Together they filter through your awareness into your consciousness, keeping you alive and creating your life. Eventually the Consciousness of mind is taught, through many incarnations, to become conscious of itself as Awareness aka Soul. The Soul, when differentiated, is the subconscious, Incarnate Soul, and the Present Moment.

Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) - the true and eternal Self, works thought the Incarnate Soul being the subconscious, impregnating it with plans for your life. Plans or blueprints, that were solidified in the Karmic realm before physical birth. The predetermined blueprint for this life you call 'yours' is found in the Astral realm, above the physical realm. You simply are not conscious of these aspects of your being yet. Therefore, to all intent and purposes you, as the Conscious Mind aka thought, believe (Be living) you are the creator of life rather than the revealer of life.

The subconscious being the vessel or representation of the Incarnate Soul is always One with the Now. In other words, every part of your being from the Subconscious upwards or inwards is respectively aware, and in alignment with all multidimensional aspects of Being. However, you as the self-identified Conscious Mind aka thought, that rolls out of the subconscious Awareness as a wave, are not conscious of being this Awareness, (Due to the separation of mind), therefore, the Conscious Mind aka Thought, believes through its own thinking, that it is creating life rather than revealing it. This of course is not really the case. If it knew itself Spiritually, it would know it was not the creator but the revealer. However, it does not. Naturally then, through believing it must create life itself via thinking, the only thing the Conscious mind is doing is superimposing its false images aka thoughts, into the Subconscious and onto the screen of life created by Spirit, also flowing through the subconscious and out into the world. All the conscious mind is doing is creating a mess due to being out of alignment (Unconscious) with its true Self in the Now. It is distorting, delaying and destroying the true images of Spirit, due to, ironically being the 'Conscious' Mind, being unconscious of itself as Spirit.

Bear in mind the subconscious which is 95% of our mind, is not a thinker but a feeler (emotive). It answers to both the Son (Mind) and Father (Spirit) Consciousness. The Subconscious is fooled by the Conscious Mind, which has not been filled with the Holy Ghost (Intuition) to do its bidding, just as it does the bidding of one's true and eternal Consciousness that embodies and directs it through the Soul and subconscious. Both the Son and Father Consciousness are the "I" or the intelligence, the producer and director of the 'Am', both in Cause (Spirit) and Effect (mind), therefore the Soul and subconscious aka the 'Am' always does that which the 'I' commands. The Conscious mind aka Son Consciousness cannot command the fullness of the true and eternal Soul as it is not conscious of it. It only has dominion over the subconscious, which is a portion and vessel of the true and eternal Soul. Every lifetime sees the Conscious Mind (Son) become more Conscious of itself as the Soul, giving it greater dominion over its true body as it realizes its true and Eternal Consciousness as Spirit.

Unfortunately, when we as the Incarnate Soul, (Son Consciousness) are born, we are not born fully illuminated (full of light) therefore, that void (which is Inverted Light as any void is an illusion), where there is no light, acts like gravity in a black hole, drawing into itself all material that fills or illuminates itself. Just like the black hole (pupil) you see when you look into someone's eyes, it absorbs the light, transmuting it into a higher less identifiable form of light we call 'understanding' that in turn dissipates the personal into the impersonal. Sort of like Hawking’s Radiation in the dissipation of black holes. In other words, any experience that will make the Incarnate Soul more conscious of itself as the true Self aka Light, will be experienced in the physical, until the Conscious Mind learns to sit within its own Subconscious as a channel to the Spiritual realm, seeing it both absorb and be absorbed by the Light from within rather than trying to absorb light from outside itself in 'Effect' which is a reflection of light and not Light itself.

The unrest (lack of light or darkness) of the Subconscious pushes the Conscious Mind out of the Temple (Present Moment Awareness aka reality), seeking light outside itself in its own unconscious effects, rather than within itself as Cause. This does however give the unconscious Conscious Mind an opportunity to view the unrest within the subconscious, in the effects it creates physically, thereby slowing illuminating itself. However, while the Conscious Mind is holding an egoic mindset, (Risen in the process of thinking) it continues to defile the Subconscious causing it to rise in unnatural emotions, which in turn cause the Conscious Mind to rise once again out of the Subconscious Temple that is ever present. Here we have the classic Negative Feedback loop of the Ego in which we learn through suffering our thoughts, emotions, and their physical manifestations.

As already ascertained, the Conscious Mind aka thought, cannot rest within the emotional turmoil (Darkness) of the Subconscious, which people often refer to as the heart, therefore, rises and rises again in thought, through desire. The desire for some 'thing', make take any form, however at its core, is the desire for Light, for power aka the Pearl of great price - a Peace that passes all understanding. As is clearly depicted, together, through desire and false images (thoughts) the two minds create a negative feedback loop that reinforces the illusion they superimpose on the physical world.

Due to this negative feedback loop, the Conscious Mind cannot align with its true Consciousness as Spirit and will continue seeking Light outside itself rather than within. The Subconscious Mind, which is the door to the Spiritual Realms, must be brought to peace before the Conscious Mind (Son Consciousness) can merge with one's true and eternal Consciousness (Father Consciousness) and be filled with Light. In other words, the Temple must be cleansed and tempered before the apparent darkness within can be filled with Light or more aptly put, absorb, and be absorbed by the Light of one's true and eternal Soul (AM) being Spirit (I).

There is fortunately a light at the end of the tunnel for the Incarnate Mind-Soul caught in an Egoic mind trap that is navigating the road less travelled. Excuse the pun.

Firstly, like we do before going on any road trip, we ensure we have the right map and directions, which I give you daily. Understand that the principles I share with you, are for the most part, merely a reiteration of past masters who have Self-Realized, such as Sri Ramana Maharshi, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Loa Tzu, Christ and Buddha etc. I try to give you the right understanding in layman's terms as much as possible, a map that will carry you back to the guru of your own heart which is your true teacher and master. Secondly one must ensure their vehicle for travelling is in good order: that the tyres are full of air, the oil and water checked etc. In this case your vehicle is the subconscious which one must first cleanse and prepare for the coming of the Lord aka your true Self as Spirit. This can entail shadow work of any kind and there ARE many kinds, mindfulness and meditation that can and often does last years and years depending on one's point in the evolution of the whole. The Conscious and subconscious Minds must be working together as one whole with no discrepancy between them in order to be a clear and unfiltered channel which receives the Holy Ghost aka Intuition.

To further expand on the right use of mind, hold your inner I, which is the Conscious Mind (Thought) still by being absolutely present in the Now Awareness of the Subconscious, (which is not easy due to fear of the dark which we discussed earlier), waiting intuitively for direct guidance within from Spirit, which by the way, also works indirectly through the Soul (Collective Subconscious) as serendipity and synchronicity, so will offer you signs through effect. In this way you will be illuminated and guided in all your ways. You will be shown what is needed to heal thy Temple, as well as being guided in what you need to do, say or be in the outer physical world that synchronizes with the true Self. Never the ego. Intuition will come as a knowing in which reasoning is not needed at all. This is because the door to Spirit sits within the Subconscious which flows directly into the conscious mind sitting in its Temple of Present Moment Awareness. Present Moment Awareness, as alluded to previously, is also subject to the fullness of Soul that acts on it serendipitously and with synchronicity. Reasoning and logic are only needed and used AFTER receiving intuition, for processing Faith aka 'Knowing" into knowledge. This is how the mind is used correctly by Spirit rather than the Egoic mind that is Spiritually blind, therefore relies solely on logic.

The lower mind or the left-side of the brain, in which reason and logic (pre-programming) is applied, is only needed 'at times' for analysation and in forming mental images (thoughts) that impregnates the subconscious, serving as a blueprint for manifestation. Moreover, if the Conscious Mind aka thought, is able to marinate in its own Awareness aka Soul, rather than being present in its own thoughts, it will not only give life to the reality of Spirit, but it will start to expand Consciously, allowing it to realize itself as Spirit. We must lean on the understanding (Light) of Spirit, not our own light or understanding as Mind. Through the right use of mind, one's Consciousness as the Vessel of Spirit, will expand from the Awareness of the subconscious to the Awareness of the Incarnate Soul and then finally to the full realization and Awareness of the one true and eternal Soul which is the activity, body, or expression of Spirit (I). In other words, the meditative mind whose essence is Awareness, will deepen in Consciousness until it merges with its true Consciousness and is raised up. It is sort of experienced like one being in a dark warehouse where one light after another is turned on allowing you to finally see and realize how immense you really are! This is how your consciousness expands when sitting in the awareness of its true Self which IS the Present Moment. You are without differentiation that totality of Life living itself. At the moment you only know a small part of yourself therefore, it feels like you have a life within life, that you are sitting IN the moment, however when realization comes, you will know yourself as Life and as the Moment in its totality.

To summarize; practical actions to take in the attaining of the right use of mind are, when thoughts come, be aware of them but do not attend to them. Do not give your conscious attention to them, do not be present in them least you give them life for that is what the Conscious Mind does. It gives life. Don't give these false images life. Give life instead to your Soul being Spirit (true Self) that await you beyond the thoughts and feelings conjured up by the Egoic Mind cut off from its Source. Your Spirit being Soul awaits you in the Present Moment of Now which means the absence of the thinking mind in favour of the Being mind.

Train your Inner I aka thought, to stay single in and as the Presence of itself as Awareness aka Soul in anticipation of intuition that guides you moment by moment in and as the Now directly and indirectly. By staying focused and one pointed in your attention of being Awareness aka Soul aka Present Moment, all other thoughts will, either stop rising from your own consciousness or fall away like voices do when you listen solely to one person. Extraneous thoughts from the universal mind will be starved through this process and fall away due to your lack of attention. This is how to overcome the thinking mind. By focusing all your attention of the Now - which is actually the fullness of your own Soul and will be recognized as such once you heal and gain your Spiritual vision back.

When the mind stops rising in its own self-generated uninspired thought and is no longer bothered by universal thought, one's Mind Consciousness as earlier stated, will expand into one's Awareness as Soul. Firstly, expanding into Subconscious Awareness, which gives the two minds a chance to heal the emotional body aka by Eckhart Tolle as the Pain body. When this is done and the mind is at peace in both thought and feeling, they will become One Mind again. Once the Mind is whole and tempered, one will then meet their Soul which raises them up for the meeting of Spirit. Here the Father and Son come together as One. One can then say they are liberated from the egoic mind and have realized the fullness of their being.

To conclude you will be surprised how well you live life without thinking about it - by simply being Present in the moment AS the Moment that sees one, living by living by Faith (Intuition) born of Spirit which embodies and gives birth to serendipity and synchronicity of the Law, expressed within Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

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